Im sure this makes alot of people go "ummmm sure". Well here is the deal. Once a month we have the awsome Darkmoon Fair visit our servers and for the most part not many people care about it anymore unless they need to turn in DMF cards. With Cata comming up shortly all the new Goblins and Worgens that will be running around this will become even more profitable.

What you are going to be doing

1.Pick up all the cheap [Dense Stone] you can. I am picking up all I can
under 1 gold per stack.

2.Convert all of those dense stones to [Dense Grinding Stone]. Need a
blacksmither with at least 250 skill

3.Head to the fair and go talk to Kerri Hicks. She gives you the quest for
[Rituals Of Strength]. Which asks you to turn in 8 [Dense Grinding Stone] for 20
[Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket]. As a side bonus this gives rep a little
into friendly.

4.This is where you decide how you want to gamble with your Tickets.

[Minor Darkmoon Prize] is 5 Tickets.
Notable items
[Razor's Edge]
[Feet of the Lynx]
[Ranger Bow]
[Rakzur Club]
[Sentry Cloak]

[Lesser Darkmoon Prize] is 12 Tickets
Notable Items
[Plans: Mithril Shield Spike]
[Pattern: Guardian Belt]
[Schematic: Craftsman's Monocle]
[Pattern: Comfortable Leather Hat]
[Midnight Mace]
[Black Duskwood Staff]

[Greater Darkmoon Prize] is 40 Tickets
Notable Items
[Pattern: Mooncloth Leggings]
[Schematic: Sniper Scope]
[Plans: Radiant Belt]
[Plans: Dawnbringer Shoulders]
[Six Demon Bag]

You average 50 [Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket] per stack. You are going to end up with a bunch of greens that the new Goblins and Worgens will like, bunch of low level enchanting Mats, some nice blues and maybe a few really nice patterns.

I suck at writing so please forgive my lack of skill. I have been wanting to contribute something for a long time and finally bit the bullet.

Edit!!!!!! I totally forgot to mention that you need to check out Lhara. She is a vendor who sells some really nice trade goods. Last month I picked up a bunch of Arctic Furs and Frost lotus. She also has Leathers, Motes and herbs of all levels as well. There is normally only like 2 or 3 of each item but its worth checking. Im guessing she will stock Cata stuff sometime.