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Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

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Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Best Savage Leather Farming Spots- 300+ an hour

The Best Savage Leather Farming Spots- 300+ an hour 

I have put together a list of the best farming spots for Savage leather I can find at the moment don't forget that adding a Potion of Treasure finding will also boost your results .

Tol Barad 
Here is the best place to farm Savage leather in the game at the moment . The Swamp area in Tol Barad  the mobs Baradin Crocolisks . If the Daily quest involved killing the Baradin Crocolisks then there will be loads of people killing them and not many skinning them. I was able to get about 150 savage leather in 15 minutes with other people leaving the mobs to be skinned so based on that you could get close to 600 an hour .

Mount Hyjal 

In Mount Hyjal The Best place to farm Savage leather is at Sethria Roost . The Mobs are Twlight dragonkin and have a very fast spawn and not too much health .The spots also drops blackened dragon scales and a greater percentage of leather Scraps so if you lower level this is a great spot to farm .

Twilight highlands 
There are two Great spots in Twlight highlands to farm Savage leather if you want Blacked dragon scales then The Obsidian Forest is the spot if not Spot 2 is great spot 

The Obsidiam forest
This is the Best spot for range dps to farm Savage leather , sit yourself on top of a tree and dps the dragons flying about. If your not a ranged dps the mobs are all about on the gound  you can tag them and then drag into the NPCs to help with the killing.

The other Great spot for Farming Savage leather in Twilight highlands is from the Black Breach down towards Dragonmaw Port . You will find Different mobs such as Owls,wolves,gryphons and elks ,all of the mobs can be skinned and have a great re spawn rate so you wont have to wait long for the re spawns.

In Vashir There is a great spot to farm Savage leather just close to smugglers scar , There are lots of Sea snakes that are needed for a quest , they have low hit points and if the area is busy then there are lots of snakes to farm . There are also sharks that can be killed and skinned while here too .

The Finial spot for farming Savage leather I want to talk about is the Riverbed crocolisks down in Uldum by the dam if you are a herbalist this a great spot to gather at as well . 

Have you found a better spot or have I missed a spot ? 



  1. I've a post about farming savage leather too. I found that the starting areas in Vashj'ir work pretty well, as the crabs have low health and a fast respawn, and there are tons of them.

  2. I maxed my skinning at the starter zone in vashj'ir when cata first hit - there were sooo many people questing, I almost couldn't keep up! Just along from Smuggler's Scar where the big giant guy walks in a clear area, are a lot of sea turtles - I came across a Blood Elf Pally killing them the other evening & spent 20 mins clearing up after him! I have no idea why he was killing those turtles except maybe for the Giant Turtle Tongue for cooking.

  3. @ Nev: took my spot! Lol, actually, all are good.

    I find there are two great times to farm in any of these spots--early morning, low traffic is great for killing them yourself. Evening/weekend high traffic time works when non-skinners leave their kills.

    For Mt Hyjal, the spot you linked was the main area near the quest-giver. There are two other ledges lower, on the way to the boss you kill at the end of the quest, that are seldom used. Everyone seems to congregate at the main area so the lower ledges are often empty.

    Also, I made a macro that I periodically spam in high traffic times--says "I'm not farming your mobs, just left over skins. If you are a skinner, please skin your kills". A few people have said something in return but most seem to appreciate that I just want their leftover corpses.

  4. In my server farming in Tol Barad is not an option... There are always at least 3 other skinners trying to do so. Actually, when I go with my main (which is not a skinner) to do the Crocolisks daily it's even kinda creepy... There is always someone watching you killing you Crocolisks, ready to skin them before the other skinners.
    Thanks for pointing out the other places ^^ I'm usually farming near the sunken ship in Vashj'ir or by the dragons in Twilight Highlands... I'll check to see if the others are viable in my server!