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Trading with Zoxy, welcome to trading with Zoxy offering you uptodae gold hints and tips

Trading with Zoxy

Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

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Friday, 28 January 2011

Why I make Gold ? My Story

Why I make gold ? 

For me MMOs started when LOTR came out I had played games like Baldurs Gate and the such but never got into a MMO until some mates from work asked me to join them and play LOTR . I Really enjoyed the Crafting aspect and Worked out a way to make a lot of gold with my top level professions .

But after a while my guild became less active and I got converted to Eve – Online . This is where my trading began , I started off small moving different items about space and selling them for a profit . I played eve on and off for 4 year and at my peak I had 4 account and Was dealing over 20bil a week .

To put this in perspective I was selling over 500 different items and Had about 1000 buy/ sell orders up at anyone one time. The Average player in Eve would make about 50million an hour . But having a growing Family and it becoming more of a job as I had to also help manage a 500 man alliance I eventually closed down shop and stopped playing MMOs for a while.

Then one of my friend send me a RAF request half way through Wotlk and then I started wow , I Decided not to play the auction house or try to make any more gold then I needed too . But at Back in January last year I started a new job so I had to stop playing .

I came back to wow in November and decided that it was time to make some gold so I logged back in and I had about 3k gold over my characters . So I decided to farm and start reading gold blogs and that’s when I stumbled on the consortium and wanted to be a wind trader .

One of the First things I did was get to learn how to use auctioneer and the resale functions on it and I did my first gold making experiment of only using Auctioneer Resale and turned 1k into 10k . So form then I was hooked on gold making .

How am I currently setup

Zoxy ( current Main ) Lvl 85 Mage Alliance - 525 tailor /525 Enchanter
  •  Lvl 81 Holy Paladin 535 Jc and 525 Miner
  • 70 Druid ( and Climbing ) will Be a Alchemist /Herbalist
  •  Lvl 65 Hunter 450 inscription
  •  Lvl 63 Dk Blackmsith
  •  lvl 10 bank alt - Vendor Resale and Recipe Flipping
  •  lvl 2 testing alt
  •  lvl 1 bank alt - Odds,sods and Scrolls
  •  lvl 1 Horde

So that’s my current Setup for the Auction house.

But what do I do to turn make gold with this ?
I always work on the view of I need a passive income and then a Variable income :

Purcussion – Is at the Bank selling vendor Recipes I did some posts as soon as the shattering happened and I visit them once a week to restock . While at the AH I also look at the recipe market on this character and flipping the under priced recipes .

Hunter lvl 65 – I gave This character 500g to level up his inscription and he is now sitting on about 15k gold and 10 k on the ah with 2 guild banks full of ink . I post my glyphs twice a day and normally bring in about 1-2k .

Variable -
Lvl 81 Paladin – At the Beginning of Cata I spent out the 8k to get 310% flying on this character hoping to make a massive amount of gold selling ore That didn’t happened you can see my post where is the gold ?

The big mistake I made was I Didn’t realise that the level 84 recopies would cause such a problem when it came to the bottleneck , people just weren’t going to spend until they got to 84 and by that time the market was down . But to make the money back I prospected all my ore and was one of the first on the AH with JC cuts .

One main income source at the moment is prospecting and then shuffling over to enchanting mats . This has been a great source of income at the moment . I did some posts on it Prospecting for Gold

Zoxy – She is my tailor/Enchanter and I have been making PVP gear , Epics and have just started to play in the scroll market . I also Take her to farm dungeon and shopping for vendor items.

My Favourite Flip – The Ruby Shades
So I had just rolled a Horde character to look into Cross faction trading and as I logged into the AH I noticed a pair of ruby shades on the AH for 250g , Well I had no money and none of my friends were online , so I waited and finally a friend came online and managed to get some money over and finally managed to get the Shades 4 hours after I fist saw them !

Well That's My Story 

What's yours ? 



  1. May I politely suggest that you should consider your druid as a candidate for a Dual gatherer? I found that equipping my druid with 310% mount speed and both gathering professions along with fish have made me a small fortune since the launch of cata and it would give you the added benefit of having a pally with both jewelcrafting bonus gems and the alchemy trinket and self buff flasks.

  2. I had not even considered swapping them around but that's a awesome idea.

    Will have to do it once my little druid hits 80


  3. First of all, I have to say great job on all of the TSM guides. You've really put a lot of work into them.

    My point is that I'm starting to feel like this addon is going to move a lot of the gold-making process into the "passive" income category. With the way it can potentially automate not only glyphs, but prospecting and enchanting as well - that's a large amount of gold to be basically logging in to "rinse and repeat". Thoughts?

  4. I totally Agree Once you have TSM set-up and your decided stock levels to suit your server it will really go to passive income .

    But I hope with TSM It will be logon restock sent to bank alt - profit .

    I will hopefully finish the new site over the weekend and then get on with the profession posts next week .