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Trading with Zoxy, welcome to trading with Zoxy offering you uptodae gold hints and tips

Trading with Zoxy

Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Patch 4.0.3a Vendors of Kalimor

This Post is part one of my Vendor series

The aim is to identify all the various vendors that sell limited  recipes and recipes that are great for resale.

So with the Shattering Complete who is still about and who has gone?

So today I have been about and here it the list of who is selling what , from what i can see not many vendors have Gone and I am sure I have missed some .

I am Alliance so I have only been able to do Neutral and Alliance vendors


Kinkle Good Steel -  - Golden scale Coif

Haughty Modiste - Haliscan jacket and Pants  also dress shoes

Blizrik Buck shot- Schematic EZ thro Dynmate II

Vizzkilck - sells soul pouch and pattern crimision silk robes

Alchemist Pestlezugg -  Tramute iron to gold  Transmute arcanite and Philosphers stone and Mithral to truesilver

Dirge QuickCleave - Tender wolf Steak


Mishta - still sell rep recipies and Degsin Emerald Crown


Lognass - Recipie Ghost Dye , Recipe Nature protection

Vivianna  - Recipe Mightfish Steak , Hot wolf ribs , Baked Salmon, Lobster Stew


 - Janet Hommers  - Mastery Stew and Heavy Kodo Stew


Ranik  -Pattern: Blue lined robe ,REcipie :Potion Rage,Recipie: Wikced moonstone ring

Gasprocket - Schemitic:Minor Recombulator and Schemitic:Green Firework

Vexspindle 3 different Bracers

Grazlix - 1 cloak and a shield


Dalria  - Wicked moonstone ring  enchant cloak minor agality  Enchant bracer lesser strength

Harlown Darkweave - still there but in chains ?

Winterspring - 

Qia- Design Necklace of the Diamond tower and mooncloth

Xizzer Fizzbolt - Gyrofree ice Relector
Powerful Seaforium charge
Masterwork target dunny
Fused Wiring
Delicate Arcanite Converter

Thousand needles

 - Jinky Twizzlefixxit ? nothing on here but worth checking  - on the speed barge


Lorlaee Wintersong  - Formula Runed Arcanite Rod and Enchant Cloak Superior Defence

Narianna - Sylvan Shortbow ( item )

Geenia Shushadow - Limited item - Red Traditional Ghanbok

So I hope this help and please let me know if i have missed any and tomorrow I will head out to eastern kingdoms and see what's there .


Please let me know if you find this series useful any feedback is gratefully received 

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