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Trading with Zoxy, welcome to trading with Zoxy offering you uptodae gold hints and tips

Trading with Zoxy

Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

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Monday, 17 January 2011

TradeSkillMaster - Guide Module 1 Setting up the Groups

 Welcome to the First Part of the Guide to TradeSkillMaster - Auctioning Setting up groups for Sale

TSM Auctioning Function for Setting up Groups is Pretty much the same as APM , if you are currently using APM then when you log in with TSM installed you will get the Below message .

Setting up a Group The Initial Step 

Before you can sell a item it needs to be placed into a group in Tradeskill Master to do this .
-Click on the Coin Button 
-Then Select Categories/groups 

Once you have selected Categories/groups you will see the above Screen shot , then just Create the Name for for Group in the Add group box and Click the okay Button then follow the steps below to set them up. 

Step 1 General Settings : 
I normally leave these as they are set to ignore Auctions with more then 1000 items listed and to ignore the lowest if the price difference is more then 1000% . So leave these at there normal Settings.

Step 2 Post Settings : I change the time for all my auctions to 24hrs: Also choose your post cap depending on the item your selling customise this .

Per auction - Stack Size if your selling mats then Set the size of stack you want to be selling.

Step 3 General Price Settings - Undercut buy is set at 1c as standard and I see no reason to change it .
Bid Percent - This will allow you to change the Bid prices of your auction for when you list them

Step 4 Minimum Price threshold :This sets up the price that you will stop listing the items at .

 Step 5 Maximum Price : This is the fallback setting .Meaning If  there are no other items on the ah then this is the price it will post at .

Step 6 Advanced Price Setting : This is when you can choose to have your item posted at the Fallback , not at all at a custom value or at your threshold. I always set mine at the Fallback

To add items to a group just select the Add/Remove tab and then click on the item


If you want to Read a different section or go back to the Guide Directory Click on the Links Below

Section 1 Auctioning module

Section 2 The Crafting Module
Section 3 Auto Mail module
Tips and Tricks for Using TSM 


  1. Looks good Zoxy, I look forward to seeing the rest of the guides asap :)

  2. Can I turn off the fall back option? posting something for 5g (or w/e the amount is set to) when no one else has it up is a not reasonable. I am posting a lot of flasks and inscriptions and having the price come up at 50g when many of these items are going for much more and all because I am the only person posting. Setting the fallback to a % of the Auctioneer or TSM database % is not always accurate and not well explained.

  3. I have not used APM so forgive my dumb question. Do you have to set up a group for every item? I post hundreds of items, some for just a single auction. Do I have to go through this step every time I introduce a new item that needs to get posted? Seems like extra work from Auctioneer's Appraiser but maybe I'm missing something.

  4. @Jay You can have multiple items in each group.So if a new item fell within the pricing range you have already set on a previous group you could just add that item.

    #I would suggest for items that you sell regularly then setup then up in a TSM group and for 1 off items use auctioneer that's how I do it

    The example would be I sell vendor recipes i know that i have brought them for under 1g but they can sell for up to 99g if there are no others on the AH so all of those are in my 1-99g group

    But A purple Epic I would post manually


  5. seems like a bug, but the fallback in the group setup is not functioning on the AH % or at least it could use a little more explaining. Posting an item for a set amount of 100g on BC green gem is not going to sell if I am the only one posting. If the percentages worked correctly, I would be post at say 110% of the market value, not a set gold amount.

  6. hey i need help pls
    if i want to safe the profile i use any name at make new profile and click ok but if i start wow again the profile i "saved" is like a default

    how can i save the profile correct so that i can us it again and again?

    second question

    how can i set my keys?