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Trading with Zoxy

Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Embersilk Cloth Farming 150+ Cloth an hour

EDIT : This location has been Nerfed but here is the new location The Best Embersilk Farming Locations 

So every now and then some traditional farming is invloved to finish off one of your professions . As i want to level out my Tailor but dont want to pay 10g for one Embersilk cloth i decided to find somewhere to farm . The good news is I have found a spot to farm about 200 Ember silk cloth a hour.

Where ? 
Deepholm at the Shuddering spines where the big arrow points to .

The Mobs to farm are called Jaspertip Swarmer and hunt in packs of 5 and have 10.7k Hp each . I have been farming with my Mage and have been getting between 150-200 cloth a hour and normally a few greens and the odd blue .

Also there are 2 Friendly mobs patrolling called Son Of Kor and ever now and then all the mobs in a area will attack them so watch out for this and then run over tag all the mobs and help the npc kill them .

I have also experimented with using Potion of treasure finding here and the potion lasts for 1 hour and i looted 15 Tiny Treasure Chests receiving 60 Embersilk Cloth , 35 gold and 2 Volatile Life

So back to the farming for me as i still need 350 more Embersilk Cloth  to finish off

Have you found a better spot ?



  1. Zoxy - this is a great tip! Embersilk is selling like crazy on my server, and I just finished Hyjal on my main last night. It'd be awesome to farm a zone for more than just ore.

    Deepholm, here I come! Btw - I like how you use links to everything - I need to quit being so lazy and start doing that myself.

  2. Handy tip for skinners - the stone bat swarms in the same area are superb for savage leather farming. There are 8 bats per pack, and each one always skins for 1 savage leather, never scraps.

  3. errrr...farmed 30 mins 18 embersilk..nerfed? and the sons of kor are red.

  4. I Will go farm now and test out what cords are you farming at ?


  5. Ok just been there for 30 mins and got 80 cloth . There green to me have you done the quest chain?

  6. Wow, great find! I spent an hour here after reading this and got two gem cut designs, 5 stacks of cloth and 200g in trash! The designs are on the AH right now for 1600g combined!

  7. I hate farming, but this is too good to pass up especially for a low pop server like mine.

    I'm a tailor enchanter so I can DE all my greens as well.

    1 hour got me a total of about 4500g worth of goods if I sell them at their average price, but I always sell for more. I will be farming this until it is nerfed.

  8. I'm the last Anon post, just thought I'd throw up another giant Thanks!

    Even though Treasure elixers are 200g they are completely worth it on my server.

    1 Hour of farming with the elixer and I got:

    510 Embersilk Cloth
    8 Volatile Earth
    6 Volatile Life
    6 Volatile Air
    6 Volatile Fire
    4 Volatile Water

    Then Greens DE'd:

    26 Hypnotic Dust
    3 Greater Celestial Essences

    + a couple hundred gold from silver.

    Needless to say this place is an absolute gold mine. My tip for mages is to go arcane, and just bind arcane blast to scroll up, and then set up your auto loot button obviously. When bags start getting full ditch the stuff not worth money, make sure you open all chests, and make all your stuff into bolts if you need them. With 4 netherweave bags I was able to farm the whole hour without going to vendor/mail.

    or you can use your goblin bank to empty your bags quick.

  9. Cheers for the feedback - I need to go farming again with those potions as that's a great haul


  10. Incredible spot, thanks for the tip, i farmed 2 hours yesterday with the potion up, my record is +360cloth/hour!!!

  11. Correction: 466 Cloth/hour ^^

  12. Awesome tip with the potion! My results from one hour using the potion:

    253 embersilk
    1 volatile water
    3 volatile fire
    6 volatile air
    3 volatile earth
    2 volatile life
    12 greens!

  13. This was a gold mine for me for a few weeks and did well until today. 2 of the mods no longer spawn in the places they were last night and the Son of Kor guy is no longer patting around. Any one else no have a much lower G/per hour rate ?

  14. I was just there a moment ago, and was farming for about an hour with my warlock.
    Suffice to say, I am not getting the numbers that you people are.
    I managed to kill a substantial number of these things, and only managed 20 cloth.
    Not something to brag about.
    Maybe there has been a nerf since the update?

  15. i have to aggree, ive been farmin here for the last few days and have been getting great results until tues server shutdown, this area is no longer a good site, blizz have clearly removed cloth drops to almost 2 cloths per 50 kills.
    guess its time to find a new farm :(

  16. cheers for all the comments I have now done a new post on updated farming locations

  17. I dont think the swarmers drop cloth anymore. This spot was amazing though.

  18. Dang. No more cloth drops from these mobs. Can you please update. ^_^