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Trading with Zoxy, welcome to trading with Zoxy offering you uptodae gold hints and tips

Trading with Zoxy

Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

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Friday, 31 December 2010

How To Beat the Auctioneers ?

This was originally a guest post for Blog Azorth Secret santa and is over at manalicious 

How To Beat the Auctioneers ?

So at Trading with Zoxy I normally blog about the best ways to make gold but after reading this blog realised that my normal tips on how to make gold didn’t exactly suite , But part of a recent post caught my eye about being self sufficient . So what I want to do Is look at the ways to make your gold go further when buying off the AH .

So sellers such as my self will work with a couple of key strategies in mind to make the best out of the markets that we sell in .

  • Buy on The Weekend
  • Sell in the Week
  • If you don’t ask you don’t get
  • Is it above vendor
  • Shuffle and Convert
  • Be Prepared
  • Patch notes and Hot Fixes

So those are the main strategies that I use to make gold and the best of the market but what actually are they ?

Buy on the Weekend ?
The Weekend is really a buyers market and not a very good time to sell , The reason is that a larger volume of casual players are online and because of this there is a much larger of volume of items being listed and as most players use a addon like auctioneer and set it to automatically to undercut. So this mean by the afternoon on Saturday that the market has already dropped a big amount . I normally wait till Saturday evening when people log off 11pm to 2am and then will buy most of my stock then.

Sell in the Week
This is another important point that if you are selling then remember to sell during the week . A great example of this is people need consumables for Raiding . So on a Wednesday post those items that raiders use . Also on the flip side of this after the raids people will need new enchants and gems so make sure there posted up after raid resets too . Overall during the week there is lower demand and less supply so the prices will increase .

If you don’t ask you don’t get
Many Sellers such as myself are resellers , this means that we look out for rare items and then flip them for massive profits . A Example is recipes : I find many rare recipes for a few gold and then flip them and sell them for there actual worth I normally make 1 or 2k from a single recipe . SO because of this our profit margins are normally really high and so make a offer if there is a item on the AH that seems above your limit . Just today I managed to get one of my main competitors to sell me a recipe I wanted to for my main at 50% there list price .

Is it Above Vendor ?
Saronite is a great example here I have been buying massive amounts of this must have about 3000 ore now , and I paid a maximum of 12.5 gold for it per 20. In simple terms if the market is low don’t sell you items without checking the vendor value .

Shuffle and Convert -
One way to make a lot of gold is to shuffle items , a example is if you have a jewlcrafter . I buy all the Eternal Earth under 3 gold and make into Stoneguard Bands giving me Infinite dust and Greater eternal essences . So each Ring normally nets between 4-7 dust of 2-3 essences . Meaning that these are great item to profit on . This is also now working with the new Cata ores too .

So with this always be on the lookout for what can be converted did u used to convert your frozen orbs to eternals or just sell the orbs ?

Be Prepared
We are currently in the festival of winter veil and I have made around 10,000g just from selling the winter veil items . So my advice here is to make sure what items you will need prior to these events as if we take Small Eggs for a example , they normally sell for about 50s each but during Winter veil they have been selling for about 4g each . So why pay 20g when u only needed to pay 2 ?

Patch notes and Hot Fixes :
Patch day is always a massive opportunity to make gold , So don’t get caught out .My simple bit of advice is don’t buy anything on a patch day that would be classed as a Big thicket item. MY example here is recipe: Savoury Deviate Delight . Pre Shattering it sold for 2-3k on my server but now only sells for 100g . On that day I managed to go out and farm 3 for myself in 30mins due to the changed drop rates and then sell them for 1k each before people were aware . So be careful and make sure you have read those patch notes.


  • Buy on the weekend toward the end of the day
  • Sell in the Week to respond to the raiders
  • If you want a high ticket items send a offer the the Seller
  • Make sure your not giving gold away check the vendor value
  • Can you shuffle it to make it worth more ?
  • Be prepared – Don't wait until the festival to buy the items you need for it
  • Be Careful on Patch day don’t buy high ticket items.

So thanks for reading and I hop the tips help your gold go further and understand what us auctioneers are up to when were doing odd things . If you have any questions then please ask



  1. I totally disagree on the weekends NOT-SELL scheme. Sunday's tend to be the best income days. Very many guild (if not all, especially casual guilds so yay for that) raid on sunday so there's lot of opportunities to sell your goods. In fact I'd recommend, buy stuff thursday morning - sunday morning, sell it sunday ->. Being there 3 years and doing best trading on sunday's.

    Sunday is great but reminder that Wednesday in EU, or Tuesday in US are best raider consumable days so utilize that.

  2. Sundays are some of the best time for selling leveling items and low end gear as players tend to play alts on Sundays more than any other day from what I've seen.

  3. Seems I got that wrong about the weekends . I suppose what I was trying to say was if you sell at the weekend don't get caught in the undercutting wars

  4. No guild on my server raids seriously on Sundays, they're always catch up days.

  5. Not "there", its "their" - "their list price"

  6. @ Kermonk - Yep my grammar has always been bad :)