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Trading with Zoxy, welcome to trading with Zoxy offering you uptodae gold hints and tips

Trading with Zoxy

Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Getting ready for Cataclysm - Crazy Sunday

Getting ready for Cataclysm - Crazy Sunday 
So Here in the UK its the last Sunday before Cataclysm which means that allot of the casual players are on for there last day before Cataclysm . 

So let focus on what we can do to make gold ? 
- Buying 
- Selling 

What to buy ? 
Trade Goods are what you want to look at and they will retain there value come cata . So look at Cloth.,leather and Outland and Northrend ores 

Recipes - Go visit the old world and outland vendors and stock up 

Pets - While visiting the vendors get pets back in stock 

When to sell is the next big question , and I am not sure I have the answer.The First week is going to be crazy lots of new items will be put onto the auction house and prices will be all over the place . But keep up with your normal sales and just start following inflation up . 

I am still selling the Following 
Vanishing Dust - Yes you buy this at the vendors 
Enchanting Vellum - Also At the vendors 
Profession Bags 
Nether Weave Bags 
MoonCloth Bags 
Infinite Dust - I Cant get enough to sell 

So I am crazily Crafting and Deing to get ready so much I haven't done . Tomorrow I will share with you my Plans for Launch . I Still cant Decided between Levelling Straight away to 85 on my Mage or Going out there mining and making a lot of gold in the first few hours . Then there is sitting on the AH and flipping and selling .So I still haven't made any decisions 

So the Question Remains to Mine or not to Mine ? 

Well Let me know are mining or gathering in the first few hours ? 


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