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Trading with Zoxy, welcome to trading with Zoxy offering you uptodae gold hints and tips

Trading with Zoxy

Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

The leveling guide doesn't have any of those stupid fake 'secrets' that will be gone with the next expansion or content patch...

20K Leveling Guide

The guide doesn't have any of those stupid fake 'secrets' that will be gone with the next expansion or content patch... Instead, I walk you step by step through making gold in this game with rock solid, fundamental strategies which will allow you to easily make 300-1000 gold every day while you level. In fact, when the next expansion rolls around, you won't need to buy another WoW gold guide. Yes there will be new items and gear, but the guides I teach you are timeless and that's what makes them so successful with players of all skill levels.

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

20k leveling Guide Review – Is the Guide worth it ?

20k leveling Guide Review – Is the Guide worth it?

First Impressions
I logged into the Members Area and the first page I get into is the Hot Gold Tips right now. I had a quick read through them and I have been doing a couple of them and can confirm that their solid gold making tips and then noticed some other ones that I wasn’t even using yet.

So this is good, I haven’t even got to the guide content yet and I have found something useful for me to use that will make me gold.

Into the Guide
The guide is split into 2 sections; Wotlk and Cata. Both sections have value but I am going to look at the Cata section as it’s what’s hot now.

As I click in I hear a voice starting to explain the guide, the sound is good quality and Marko has an easy voice to listen to. He offers a good solid introduction explaining about the guide and how to use it.

Your First Daily Routine with Auctioneer
The first section is Your First Daily routine with Auctioneer. This talks about setting up auctioneer and the basics of starting to use auctioneer. I know that I started with 1k gold and just used the re-sale function in auctioneer to get to 10k gold in one week, but listening to Marko there are some things that I don’t do now which I will start doing.

This section is great, I really enjoyed listening to him, he points out the obvious, but it’s so obvious that 90% of you don’t do it. If I read this before I started making gold it would have been a great solid foundation for making gold and saved me a lot of trial and error.

Auction House basics
The first section tells you how to set-up auctioneer and how to do it. Marko takes you through the basics, making sure that you understand the important principles and theory of the auction house. This section also includes what addons to use, to manage your auction house (AH) business most efficiently.

It’s a really good solid section, particularly the supply and demand section, along with the market concepts. From what I have seen so far I have been very impressed and also been able to take a couple of tips away to improve my own gold making skills.

Character Leveling and Starter Cash
This section discusses those great gold tips to use while levelling. It’s obvious it really is, but it’s amazing how many people don’t do it. The tips that he discusses will make gold, he is totally spot on with what he is talking about here. I use most of them while I level my alts and also use many of them in my normal selling routine. The other part of this section covers bank alts and how best to use them to their best potential, once again good solid points he talks about.

It’s amazing the tips he talks about are good solid tips but I know loads of WoW players that don’t use them. I can really now see, by how he is building up the guide and the steps he is taking of how he has made so much gold. Now it’s time to look at the Profession Leveling guides.

Profession Leveling and Guides
Ok, wow loads of info, just had a look through while listening to him and it’s good. Each profession is covered, farming locations and what to make as well. It also covers what items sell well while levelling the professions. The farming maps have routes and he discusses which addons to use to help with the gathering process.

There is loads of information here and it’s up to date information which is very important, this is a section you will keep coming back to time and time again. Each profession is discussed and even has little tips on how to sell the items and what items to make and to disenchant (DE).

Tooltips and Profession Searches
A section that is very useful but I don’t currently do myself. He discusses in great depth how to use the tooltips & profession searches in Auctioneer. It’s something I don’t really pay any attention to, but now will be having a good look at them.

I enjoyed this section and will make some good profit by putting it into practice; it really amazes me of the little bits that you miss in this game.

Snatch and Auction Profit Master (APM)
I wish I had this a few months ago for setting up my snatch list and setting up APM, it took me ages. I gave up on it at first 2 or 3 times before I finally started to use it. The instructions he uses are simple and not confusing and in plain English allowing you to access and setup these powerful addons.

Market control
The previous chapters were for the basic to immediate gold maker but this is where the meat comes into the guide. He is very thorough and it’s solid information that is discussed, the important lessons like how to determine demand or how to battle a player using APM are things I will be taking from the guide and using in my daily routines for making gold.

The way the guide has been built is great. It’s like a plan to building a house, setting up the foundations, making the structure then adding all the complex parts like the plumbing and wiring. With all the things previously in the guide, adding this section to it should really turn your gold making around.

Cross Faction Trading
I don’t do much cross faction trading normally but Marko has done a great solid section here on the ways to do it and the best set-up including what items are good to sell cross faction.

Hard mode
This is what the market control section is for crafting, how to set-up the process and make the best out of it. With the guide on how to use some powerful crafting addons, to the included spreadsheet for crafting professions, it will really help to make you loads of gold. The information here is great and I have found a few bits I will be doing, also there was simple tips that I heard him say that is something I don't do and have just kicked myself for not doing it.

Farming Spots
I like to farm from time to time, either grind mobs for cloth or leather or other items to craft with. A great list of good farming spots and some I didn’t even know about which I will be trying out later. They are being updated all the time when new farming spots are being discovered.

10 Day guide
This really adds to the guide over all. Once you follow the theory & specifics offered in the 10 days guide you will make a lot of gold and by doing the 10 day plan you will understand what all the other chapters are about, it will turn you from a basic Auctioneer to an Advanced Auctioneer. I now see why he offers a money back guarantee and has such a tiny refund rate.

I asked the question to myself; “Is it worth it?” and “Should I recommend it to my readers?” I wouldn’t advertise something on my site that I don’t agree with or wouldn’t use. 20k Leveling is great, I really enjoyed reading and listening to Marko explaining the different gold making strategies. This guide is different from others, rather than giving you a list of the secret farming spots or semi exploits that soon get exposed to the WoW community, this guide has something different.

The guide will give you the skills to make gold, not the farming spot that will disappear when Blizzard decides to nerf them, the theories are timeless and will work for every expansion. You have all heard the phrase .'Give a man a gold and he will eat for a day: Teach a man to make gold and he will eat for a lifetime.'

Do you want to learn how to make gold for a lifetime?

The Main points(Pros)
  • It teaches you the skills not a quick fix
  • Plain English – not jargon or elite speak
  • Constantly updated – fresh new tips for every patch or hotfix
  • Good for all levels of experience – starter or experienced, there’s something for all
  • The 10 day strategy is great and will get you understanding all the previous sections.
Cons( the bits I didn't Like )

  • The Overall look could do with improving
  • Its all Online - so no off-line options for the Vocal or Documents
I would highly recommend this guide and I will be looking forward to seeing the updates throughout Cataclysm.


If you want to Read more or Buy this guide Click Here


  1. Yick - Dath'Remar12 January 2011 at 00:32

    Personally, a blog looses most of their credibility when they start plugging a product that advertises on their site.

  2. I'm so thrilled you liked the guide Zoxy. Thank you for the honest write up, that is the best one I've seen so far.

  3. I'd have to agree on Yick with this one. I was expecting to atleast see some cons to the guide, but it looks more like something somewhat scripted...

    Sorry, but you lost me with this advertising. :(

  4. Great post if I haven't already bought the guide I would now!!
    Yes it does sound scripted BUT if you actually bought the guide
    You would understand what Zoxy is saying... great write up Zoxy
    Also great guide Markco

  5. However it was a review, which is my opinion should have the pros (Which it obviously did) and the cons. In this review though, there were absolutely no downs to the guide from what I saw, and I'm really doubting there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the guide.

    That's why it seems totally scripted to me.

  6. Well I will Add some cons to the Review as it's not perfect . The review is honest as I wanted to see what the gold guide was about so I got it and have reviewed it for everyone and I will sill be using the Tips that are in there .

    With regards to advertising I don't have goggle ads of anything else cluttering up the site but If I find a product that looks good I will try it and review it , I am sorry if you felt this was scripted as it wasn't and I didn't realise the negative reactions I would get.

  7. Don't listen to them, Zoxy! I find it great that a prominent gold blogger would review this product. I never had any doubts that Markco's guide was as fantastic as he says it is, but it is definitely refreshing to see another auctioneer's take on it.

  8. Good point on the layout (look) of the guide Zoxy. I am actually working with a designer to improve both the look as well as the navigation of the site. It's currently difficult to quickly maneuver to specific pages without flipping through the chapters one page at a time.

  9. I have the guide & I love what Markco has done with it - it's definitely not one of those padded out, stuck together in 5 minutes type ebooks - it is a pretty complete package. You want some cons - ok, well if I was nit-picking, I'd agree the navigation could be improved & I can never remember where the member log-in is but tbh, without really diving in with the tiniest fault finding microscope, it is actually quite hard to find any cons whilst the pros are all in Zoxy's post.

  10. I think Yick and the others have missed something here.
    There's not a lot on this site that's negative at all. It pushes how satisfying making Gold can be and the BEST means to do it. There's no section on the places worst to farm. The review was in-line with the sites theme.
    And also, when I read and trust a blogger, I know they're only going to share the BEST (tips/addons/guides etc) As anything on their site reflects on them and their blog. They don't promote things that will just make them look under-researched, or diminish the sites quality deliberately.
    Zoxy obviously felt this guide thing was a worthwhile punt for those looking to get into the gold game seriously.

  11. Zoxy you took the words right out of my mouth. I totally agree with you,it's totally worth it. @Markco Good to hear you're working on a new design.

  12. Hi

    This is very thorough review and you should be pleased about the article you have written.

    i have the guide myself and bought it before cataclysm was released the cons you mentioned where something i also discussed with @Markco

    keep up the good work don't let the doubters get you down


  13. Sinshroud / Unholyshaman12 January 2011 at 10:55

    To be honest I see no problem with a successful blog giving a quality review of a guide, especially if it's to the benefit of a fellow blogger as well.

    The fact is that blogs do take quite a bit of time and effort to run, and being able to get a monetary return - no matter how small is always rejuvenating and encouraging.

    Zoxy has no other ads on his website, especially ads that tend to become very irrelevant to the blog content itself (such as google adds "WTS 10k gold ni hao!")!

    Zoxy isn't just plugging in random clickbank or ref links into just any article he writes. I've seen tons of bloggers who would write something like this:

    "Hey guys, today I've been working (working = ref link to a body building something product), on making a huge amount of gold (gold = ref link to some gold seller) because I love being ahead of the game (game = ref link to amazon Fifa PS3 game)." etc.

    That kind of thing is just abusing your readers.

    Zoxy isn't doing that, he is giving an honest review, and it's clear that any links on this page are to do with the review. If you think his review sounds good and it's a product that you want, then you will be happy to click that link and give him a bit of cash for referring you, that's why it's there - the owner wants to reward those who help spread the word of his product. If you don't need that kind of product then well there you go. You don't need to click on it.

    He isn't annoying you with silly ads, he isn't trying to deceive you or trick you into buying a piece of crap. Marcko's guide is real quality and 10X better than anything you can get elsewhere for even double the price.

    I've also seen many arguments saying something like "I can find all that info on forums and blogs anyways.". Well anyone buying a guide like that is paying a premium for the service that Marcko provides. That service is giving ALL the information you ever need to know in one place, well organized, easy to find, easy to understand and in general the correct information of stuff that actually works.

    XoXo - UnholyShaman (MMOwned) / Sinshroud (The Consortium).

  14. Is there any tips in this guide that do not end up on blogs anyway? What i'm trying to say is, if i buy the guide will i be wasting my money because i could just get the latest tips from blogs anyway?

    I have definately toyed with the idea of buying it but i have always thought my previous statement.

  15. I suppose the difference between a blog and a guide

    A guide - it is structured and is aimed to teach your in steps how to do something with all the information clearly presented and laid out.

    A blog - I know for me I don't have a structure of what im doing or plan my posts in any formal steps . I talk about what I have noticed and whats working for me.