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Trading with Zoxy, welcome to trading with Zoxy offering you uptodae gold hints and tips

Trading with Zoxy

Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

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Monday, 14 February 2011

I have Moved - Bloggers Please Read

So I have moved and need your help

The site is now being redirected to the new blog but Please can you change your blog Rolls

. New Feed - so please change it on your blog rolls

Am currently updating mine so if yours is not on there let me know .

Well what do people think of the new site ?


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Are you sitting on dead money ? for the image
How Much do you have in your guild bank ?

How much do you have stuck in the mail ? 

How much do you have in Liquid Cash?

As I am currently Reviewing my whole gold making process I came to think how much of my gold or stock is actually dead . 

What do I mean ? 

Very simply if your not selling stock or using gold its dead . If you look at my post yesterday you can see that I have a massive stash of stock that just is not selling as its sitting in my Guild bank . 

But what items should you keep and not sell off ? 
Rare items - Recipes and other rares don't Fire sale these items off wait i took me 2 months of listing a TOTC recipe but I sold 2 of them the other day .

So when selling look at the junk or the low value items that are just sitting on . 

What about all this gold I have ? 
There are 2 views i suppose here 

View one  - I am trying to reach gold cap in just liquid gold  , well if you are just starting out or really trying to push your gold amount up you must be using it 

View two - I am investing all my gold to make more  - This is good if you are building up your gold but remember to keep a good reserve or you might miss out on those deals.

So now as I go off and empty my guild banks remember if you are not using it its dead  and you need to do something with it


Friday, 11 February 2011

Am I Doing this wrong ? Part 2


So lets looks what we have at our Disposal:

Enchanting - 525
Tailor - 525

JC 525
Mining 525

Inscription - 425  ( lvl 65 chr )

Death knight
Black smithing ( 260 Lvl 61 Chr)

Problems with the setup ? 
-I Don't farm i don't like to go mining so really having mining on a character that is more of a bank alt now is not worth it .

- Black smithing  , once again There is a issue I need to add 4 levels to the character and also get the Blacksmithing up and then start producing twink gear . I currently just have the character doing nothing with 3k saronite in the bank

The other issue is i currently have 2 free profession slots on alts i am thinking of setting one up with leather working but i have no plans to level them up to 85 any time soon

The Crafting Routine and How I am Getting my Stock 

I Think I have hot the heart of the problem here , I am not actually using the addons I have done guides on .

Let me give you a example Inventorium

It will allow me to keep track of stock levels and then notify me when I am running under threshold on items.

Will Queue up items that are in a restock queue for you .

So what am I doing wrong  ? 
Very simply I am not planning and this is what I must do I am just using the addons to make items on hand or items in restock queue based on 50g profit .

How To fix it ?
I think I need to sit back and look at this like a proper business model and look at a proper work flow process .Lets Break this down into each profession that i currently have but they should all follow a simple model .

Stock Purchase
I think this is going to vary as with wow there are different ways to get goods , buy off the AH  or go out and farm them yourself.One of the most efficient ways is to get farmers to send them to you so I will look at ways to get farmers and items sent to you COD

Stock management
This is going to take alot of planning I need to check out what items I want to have in stock them work out the raw mats for them. Then I Plan to make 3 of each item and then keep the mats for 3 of each of those items ready .

Crafting the product 
This is actually the easy bit with a great range of addons to choose from TSM , Skillet and many others .
The main Aim here is to have a daily time when i make all my crafted goods with minimal effort

Selling the Product 
I will be using TSM to sell the items as I will need to setup them up in groups most of this is already done .

Well thats what needs to be done time to get started .

Would you do it any differently ?

Well time to empty out my guild banks and work on the next post on improving the system


Am I Doing this wrong ? Part 1

While working in my Previous RL job that i got made redundant from ( so I am looking for new job so if you know of anything let me know in based in London ) I used to do a lot of process improvement . This got me thinking what is my current gold making process and is it actually efficient .

First I decided to look at my  Banking Setup .

Bank alt 1 - 
Recipes,Pets and odds and sods

4 Tab guild bank ( full )
Bank ( full )

Bank Alt 2 
Scrolls and Green items

3 Tab Guild bank ( full )
Bank ( full )

Bank Alt 3
Gems and Other JC items

4 Tab Guild Bank ( full )
Bank (Full)

Bank Alt 4

2 Tab Guild bank (not full )
Bank (Full)

Bank Alt 5 
Blacksmith , and Leather

2 Tab Guild bank (Full)

Whats Wrong with it ? 
Well all my Guild Banks are Full , I have a large amount of Stock that I am not Actually Selling its just dead money sitting there . So A big job i need to do is go into my banks and sort all the items out and make sure i have one of each on the AH .

Splitting over alts ? 
I am Still a fan of this as i can clearly see who is selling what and help separate the markets .

Do you horde in your guild banks ?
Do you have multiple bank alts ?

Next to look at my crafting and how i deal with it .


Thursday, 10 February 2011

Competition time ! Win a Epic Tabard Zoxy's Gold Resource Competition

I am sure you have all been reading but the site will is going self hosted and moving over to wordpress .

So as of Monday this site will be on redirect to the new site

To launch the new site have kindly given me 3 Tabards to use in a competition . So click on the Below Banner and go and visit there site for all your  loot Cards.

The Competition - 

The Competition is to Nominate your favorite gold making link it can be any of the following :
All nominated links will go into Zoxy's Gold Resource 

-  A blog post ( you don't have to be the blogger )
-  A blog ( if its no in the big blog roll check here )
-  A forum post
-  A podcast
-  Any other gold related link ( cannot be a gold guide or a paid for service)

What can I win ? 
A wow loot card code for either  Tabard of Frost or Tabard of flame .

There is also a 3rd on offer for members of the consortium to nominate your favorite thread there Check out
Zoxy's Link Directory Competition - Win a Tabard of Brilliance!

The Competition will run until February the 25th 12pm GMT and the winners will be announced on the 26th.

Please post in this thread with your nominations

Bloggers - 
For a bonus entry if you do a blog post advertising the competition and let me know then you will have a extra  entry .

Also please update your blog rolls for my Feed to

Any Questions please let me know


Top 9 Things to Do in Stormwind to Make Gold

Do you just log in and sit about in Stormwind ? Well here are 9 things to do while there to make you some gold .

1. Visit Kaikta Deepforge In the Dwarven District
- Sells Plans: Hardened Iron Shortsword

2.Visit Old town and See Erika Tate and Kendor Kabonka
Recipe: Seasoned Wolf Kabob
Recipe :Redridge Goulash
Recipe : Murloc Fin Soup 
Recipe :Succulent Pork Ribs
Recipe: Gooey Spider Cake
Recipe: Crocolisk Gumbo
Recipe :Beer Basted Boar Ribs
Recipe:Goretusk Liver Pie
Recipe: Curiously Tasty Omelet
Recipe: Crocolisk Steak
Recipe Blood Sausage

3 Visit the Trade District and See Edna Mullby 
Design : Heavy Golden Necklace of Battle

4 Visit Catherine Leland ( same person who gives the fishing Dailies)
Sells -
Recipe :Rainbow Fin Albacore
Recipe : Brilliant Smallfish
Recipe:Bristle Whisker Catfish

5.Visit Alexandra Bolero
Sells -
Pattern :White Wedding dress
Pattern: Blue Overalls

6 Visit Marian Lumere 
Recipe : Elixir of Shadow Power

7.Visit Darian Singh 
Schematic :Blue Firework

8. Find Lil Timmy - Boy with Kittens
Sells  Pet : White Kitten 

9.Cooking Daily
Do the cooking Daily to collect the token to trade in for Crate of Tasty meat or Imported supplies

10 . Other Vendor Items
- Vellums
- Vanishing Dust
- Bags


Cold's Gold Factory Blogging Carnival - What 3 Pieces Of Advise Would You Give A Little Goblin?

 What 3 Pieces Of Advise Would You Give A Little Goblin? (3 Top Tips For New Auctioneers?)
Hagor the Goblin - ~AH Junkies

AH junkies Podcast number 3 is out Click here 

Bid- No Really Bid
If you just read one of them this is the one BID , it really is as simple as that .

There are so many items on the AH that have low bids and people just ignore them , So have a look on the ah and bid .

One great way to do this is do a full scan of the Auction house with auctioneer  then go into the Search tab and Click on the resale search , then bid on all items under 1g . You will be surprised how quickly your stock and gold will increase by doing this daily .

Buy late in the day 
Go shopping  on the AH at the end of the day or early morning -

Why ? 
The Theory is that the main play time is from 6pm to about10 pm in the evening , so what happens before people  log of they go to the AH and sell .

- This then drives down the price as people just list to sell
- So you should see the bottom of the price curve last at night or early in the morning

Don't Sell with Auctioneer
I am not Saying  Never sell with auctioneer just remember the Previous point  , if you sell with auctioneer and just use the appraiser function then you will list your item the lowest and your item will sell .

But why not to sell it like that ? 
You don't need to be the cheapest to sell it , if the item is a high volume item then its going to sell anyway and why list it lowest when just by waiting your going to get a better price .

3 Short Easy tips hope they help


Blogger Services - What Zoxy Can Do to help ?

As there are alot of great gold blogs out there and I am sure I am missing some from my blog roll or reading list . I want  to help the community and make sure all my readers get to read them as well Here are a few things I want to do to help .

Let me tweet for you 

I can add your feed to my twitter feed posters that auto post any of  my new posts I publish and will then tweet when ever a need post is made from your feed

If your also not following me on Twitter please do so @EUZoxy

Join the Gold Bloggers Forum 

I have Setup a new forum for use Bloggers to chat and discuss all things about blogs

So go sign up and help build the community


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

How best to spend your Honor and Justice points :Patch 4.0.6

Today is Patch Day : 

I could write about the Class changes but I really have no idea what has happened or maybe about the great farming for Whiptail in Uldum but I will leave those topics to the rest of the blogsphere .

With Patch 4.0.6 new vendors for Justice points and honor points were added selling the Following items

    As you can See above the costs for both the Honor Points Vendor and the Justice point vendor , The honor Points cost is half of the Justice point cost but the big question is what item to buy ? 

    I have made a spreadsheet to tell you what item to get ( this is Aeg fault a i had no idea what to post today so cheers )

    Here is the download Link Zoxy's JP and HP Spreadsheet

    Here is how to use it :

    Step 1 : Enter your server prices into the field - Server prices replacing the Red text

    - Example if Hypnotic dust is 6g and 50 silver type in 6.5g

    Step 2:  Choose the item to sell by picking the item with the lowest Justice point or Honor point cost .

    - Example : As you can see both Savage leather and Herbs are the same so either would be a good buy . 

    Warning - Sack of Freshly Picked Herbs 
    There is no data on the drop from this bag so I would suggest using the price for the lowest priced herb 

    Well Hope that helps you decide on the best item to buy using your Justice and honor points 


    Tuesday, 8 February 2011

    Inventorium Guide - How to set it up

    Inventorium User Manual

    Its not often that a Addon comes with such good documentation i was just about to start writing a guide about how to setup and use it and then Zerotorescue told me he had already done one , What can i say wow its great so here it is . I will be doing a post as well with further hints and tips but have fun setting this up and as here is the Great setup Guide 


    You can download this addon from Curse here 


    This Inventorium user manual should give you an indication of how to use the addon. This should be a great introduction to the addon but also be helpful when you need to find out why it is doing certain things (especially the related settings might help so you can quickly see the involved settings).
    When the image quality is poor zooming in or out might improve it (125% seems to be most favored on my screen). If you are viewing this online at Google Docs then downloading the file (File -> Download Original) might be a major improvement too.

    Additional information about the addon can also be found in-game at the “Help” category of the config. Be sure to check that out if you have any issues.


    Installing Inventorium

    Download Inventorium from Curse and install it into your addons folder like normal. If your World of Warcraft client is still running you may need to completely restart it for the game to start detecting the addon.

    Additional requirements

    • For item counts you need an item count addon such as DataStore (included with Altoholic) or ItemCount.
    • For auction values you may want an auction database addon such as Auctioneer, Auctionator, AuctionLite, AuctionMaster or similar. This is optional though and Inventorium can function without them (but it won’t display any auction values).
    • For queuing you may want a trade-skill window addon such as AdvancedTradeSkillWindow, Cauldron, GnomeWorks or Skillet. This is also optional and Inventorium can function without any of them (but the crafting functionality will be limited).

    You can run multiple item count, auction database or tradeskill window addons simultaneously. Inventorium will always try to use the preferred addon selected in the config, or, if that addon isn’t enabled, the first one supported.

    Configuring a group for the first time

    To start configuring Inventorium right-click the minimap icon, write /im c in your chat-box or go to the addons settings by hitting escape, going to “Interface” and then selecting the “Addons” tab at the top.

    The first page of the config will show you something similar to the image below. Adjust your general settings exactly as you wish. To get a description of what an option does you can hover over it with your mouse.

    The following options were changed in the image below:
    • Do not alert at” was set to a raiding character (“Zerotorescue”) because I only require notifications on my banking characters.
    • Include in local item data” had “Auction House” unchecked.
    • Always show auction value” was toggled on because I like seeing the value of items, even though I don’t filter my crafting based on it.
    • Include guild bank data” had a raiding guild unchecked, because the contents in that guild bank are not mine and should not be used in item counts.

    After taking note of all options in the “General” category and changing some things here and there, it is time to make your first group. Click the “Groups” category at the left side of the config window to open it. You will see a screen like the one below, enter a group name (e.g. “Glyphs”) and hit enter to add the group.

    Now a new category with the name you entered will appear (let’s assume it’s also called “Glyphs”). Click this category in the list to the left to view a screen such as the one below.

    This screen will have almost identical options to the “General” category but with a twist; everything has an “override” box in front of it. By default options selected in the “General” category will be used if an option is not being overridden. So as you can see all options we changed earlier (such as “do not track at” and “include in local item data”) are identical to the values entered there (although grayed out). To change a setting, click the override option in front of it and then change the setting itself, such as done in the screenshot below. The most notable changes are “track at”, which is set to only include my Scribe and “Alert when below local minimum” is toggled off because this character doesn’t actually post anything at the auction house.

    After the settings are exactly as you wish, go to the “Add Items” tab to select which items are managed by this group. Again you are recommended to take a look at all possible ways to add one or multiple items.

    To quickly add a lot of items, you can use premade item data (this is a list of items already grouped for you by Inventorium). Select a premade item data-group at the “Import premade data”-dropdown box and every item within this premade item data-group will be added to your group. If a premade item data group is changed in an update to Inventorium it will automatically be updated in your group. Because in our example we are using a single group to manage our Glyphs, we select the premade group “Inscription – Glyphs (All)” (as seen below) to instantly add all glyphs in-game to the group.

    Click the “Current Items” tab to review the items added to the group. Here you can also remove items as you wish.

    Enough settings should be provided for a good enough configuration; you can now close the config window.


    After configuring a group properly it should now appear in your summary window (unless your character isn’t selected within the “track at” setting). You can open the summary by left-clicking the minimap icon or writing /im s in your chat-box. A window such as the one below will appear.

    Within this window you can quickly see the item counts and auction values for the items added to a group and abiding the filters you entered for this group. The auction value will only be shown if you have an auction database addon installed and set either the “price threshold” above zero or enabled the “always show auction value”-box in the config.

    Related settings

    • Track at (for hiding groups)
    • Processing speed (slider at the summary window, for increasing the caching speed)
    • Always show auction value (to also cache the auction value even though this isn’t used for any filters, this increases time required to cache all item data)
    • Minimum local stock
    • Minimum global stock
    • Show in summary when below (hide the item if you have more than X percent of the required stock)
    • Price threshold (minimum auction value required for the item to be queued or shown)
    • Hide when below threshold (if checked, the above will also function in the summary, otherwise it only works when queuing)

    Trade-skill queuing

    To restock items by crafting them with your profession you must first open the specific profession window. In our example case of Glyphs, we’ll log into the crafter and open the Inscription profession.

    To start queuing Glyphs you can now either open the summary window and hit the “Queue All” (to try to queue items from all tracked groups) or the group-“Queue” (to try to queue items from that one group) button. You can also control left-click the minimap icon or write /im q into your chat-box to queue items from all tracked groups without having to open the summary window (but you still need to ensure one of your profession windows is open).

    After preparing a queue (with any of the above actions), the screen below will appear showing you everything that has to be restocked and can be crafted with your current profession. Click the button at the right top to expand the “Unqueueables” screen displaying which items in your group(s) couldn’t be queued and why, as also displayed below.

    In this example screenshot the “Unqueueables” window only indicates certain items were not craftable with your current profession but it can display a variety of reasons (such as not abiding to the auction value threshold, already fully stocked or when the missing amount is less than the minimum crafting queue requirement).

    With the red X at the right of each item in the list you can remove items to prevent them from being processed and with the buttons at the bottom of this window you can choose to add everything in the list to your favorite crafting addon’s queue (“Queue”) or to start crafting the first item of the list (“Craft”). This first button requires one of the supported crafting window addons to be installed and enabled. Currently they provide more crafting functionality than Inventorium itself and are recommended over using the Craft button.

    Hitting the “Queue”-button moves everything into your crafting addon as you can see below (using AdvancedTradeSkillWindow as example trade-skill window addon).

    Related settings

    • Track at
    • Restock target
    • Bonus queue
    • Don't queue if I only miss
    • Price threshold
    • Crafting addon

    Merchant restocking

    Inventorium can automatically restock items from merchants when visiting one that sells something below the minimum required amount. Because Glyphs aren’t for sale at vendor, we will need a new group to demonstrate this. Parchments are a great way to earn a few gold now and then by selling them on the auction house. They are sold by various vendors for just a few copper up to 50s each.
    Create a new group just like we did for Glyphs and give it an appropriate name (e.g. “Parchments”).

    Then adjust some settings here and there…
    Tip: use increments of the stack sizes and disable the bonus queue to optimally use your bag space.

    And now we can add the items. There are multiple ways to do so, one is buying at least one of each parchment and then clicking them in the item list or mass adding them, the other is to shift-click the item link into the “Single item add”-textbox. Talk to the Inscription supplies vendor next to an Inscription trainer within any capital city and open the “Add items” tab of your config window. Click the “Single item add” box and then shift-click an item link and then hit enter (or click the “Okay”-button) to add it to your group.

    Do this for every single parchment…

    Finally verify if all items are in the list at the “Current items”-tab.

    Now everything should be prepared properly and you can close the merchant and config windows.

    Now whenever you talk to a merchant selling these items (while the group is tracked at your character), you will be prompted to restock them if needed as shown below.

    Upon hitting the “Purchase items” button everything is bought and put into your bags automatically.
    All done!

     This makes restocking on vendor items you sell on the auction house a lot easier.

    Example uses

    • Parchments
    • Vendor recipes
    • Ink (to sell at the auction house)
    • Dungeon materials (such as reagents for spells)

    Related settings

    • Track at
    • Restock target
    • Bonus queue
    • Price threshold
    • Don't queue if I only miss

    Storage refilling

    Inventorium can also refill from storage such as your bank, a guild bank (tab) or your mailbox (although limited to the 50 mail cap). If your local item count (by default this includes any items in your bags or at the auction house of your current character, but this can be adjusted by changing the “Include in item count” option) is less than the “Minimum local stock” and your storage contains this item, you will be prompted to refill when opening the storage such as displayed below.

    Upon hitting “Move Items” the items in the list will be moved out of your storage on top of local items and result in a situation as shown below.

    Example uses

    • Parchments (e.g. keep a stack of each parchment in your bags and 1 or 2 additional stacks in your bank for refilling)
    • Vanity pets (e.g. keep 2 of each in your bags and additional in your (guild) bank)
    • Glyphs (e.g. keep a stack in your bags and another stack in your (guild) bank)
    • Gems (e.g. keep 2 of each gem in your bags and additional stock in your mailbox)
    • Flasks, bandages, other raiding equipment

    Related settings

    • Track at
    • Minimum local stock
    • Include in local item count
    • Auto refill from storage
    • Skip the confirmation window for storage refilling (located at the “Extra” category)

    Stock alert

    To inform you about items which are low on stock you can choose to see an alert similar to the one shown below. This is shown automatically for selected characters after logging in but can also be opened by middle-clicking the minimap icon or writing /im a in your chat-box.
    You can exclude characters from receiving this alert by selecting them in the “Do not alert at”-select box. This can be done for all groups simultaneously in the “General” category, or on a per-group basis in each group’s options.

    Related settings

    • Track at
    • Do not alert at
    • Minimum local stock
    • Alert when below local minimum
    • Minimum global stock
    • Alert when below global minimum
    • Stock scan speed (located at the “Extra” category)


    The entire Inventorium addon (including this manual) has been completely written by Zerotorescue. The general idea behind the config was based on the config found in Quick Auctions 3 by Shadowed (other than that basic idea, this person is completely unrelated to this project).

    A big thank you to everybody providing feedback in any way (such as reporting bugs, suggesting new features, asking questions, etc.). You have helped a lot while building this great addon.

    Another big thank you to everybody that has donated money. Your generosity is very much appreciated and acts as a great motivator. It helps pay for the WoW accounts used to test this addon.

    Main contributors

    • Zerotorescue (Al’Akir-EU) – main developer & manager


    Inventorium hasn’t been mentioned anywhere yet.

    Zoxy note : This guide comes as a PDF in the addon folder and also is online as as google doc here