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Trading with Zoxy, welcome to trading with Zoxy offering you uptodae gold hints and tips

Trading with Zoxy

Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Are you sitting on dead money ? for the image
How Much do you have in your guild bank ?

How much do you have stuck in the mail ? 

How much do you have in Liquid Cash?

As I am currently Reviewing my whole gold making process I came to think how much of my gold or stock is actually dead . 

What do I mean ? 

Very simply if your not selling stock or using gold its dead . If you look at my post yesterday you can see that I have a massive stash of stock that just is not selling as its sitting in my Guild bank . 

But what items should you keep and not sell off ? 
Rare items - Recipes and other rares don't Fire sale these items off wait i took me 2 months of listing a TOTC recipe but I sold 2 of them the other day .

So when selling look at the junk or the low value items that are just sitting on . 

What about all this gold I have ? 
There are 2 views i suppose here 

View one  - I am trying to reach gold cap in just liquid gold  , well if you are just starting out or really trying to push your gold amount up you must be using it 

View two - I am investing all my gold to make more  - This is good if you are building up your gold but remember to keep a good reserve or you might miss out on those deals.

So now as I go off and empty my guild banks remember if you are not using it its dead  and you need to do something with it


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  1. If you have a tabs and tabs worth of stuff stockpiled a good way of looking at all of your stock is like shares. If a particular item's value is likely to increase over time (saronite ore, wrath enchanting mats, darkmoon trinkets in the weeks leading up to the faire etc) then it is worth keeping. If your stockpiled items are not likely to appreciate in value do your crafting/flipping/vendoring thing and move on to a better looking share portfolio.