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Trading with Zoxy

Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

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Friday, 11 February 2011

Am I Doing this wrong ? Part 2


So lets looks what we have at our Disposal:

Enchanting - 525
Tailor - 525

JC 525
Mining 525

Inscription - 425  ( lvl 65 chr )

Death knight
Black smithing ( 260 Lvl 61 Chr)

Problems with the setup ? 
-I Don't farm i don't like to go mining so really having mining on a character that is more of a bank alt now is not worth it .

- Black smithing  , once again There is a issue I need to add 4 levels to the character and also get the Blacksmithing up and then start producing twink gear . I currently just have the character doing nothing with 3k saronite in the bank

The other issue is i currently have 2 free profession slots on alts i am thinking of setting one up with leather working but i have no plans to level them up to 85 any time soon

The Crafting Routine and How I am Getting my Stock 

I Think I have hot the heart of the problem here , I am not actually using the addons I have done guides on .

Let me give you a example Inventorium

It will allow me to keep track of stock levels and then notify me when I am running under threshold on items.

Will Queue up items that are in a restock queue for you .

So what am I doing wrong  ? 
Very simply I am not planning and this is what I must do I am just using the addons to make items on hand or items in restock queue based on 50g profit .

How To fix it ?
I think I need to sit back and look at this like a proper business model and look at a proper work flow process .Lets Break this down into each profession that i currently have but they should all follow a simple model .

Stock Purchase
I think this is going to vary as with wow there are different ways to get goods , buy off the AH  or go out and farm them yourself.One of the most efficient ways is to get farmers to send them to you so I will look at ways to get farmers and items sent to you COD

Stock management
This is going to take alot of planning I need to check out what items I want to have in stock them work out the raw mats for them. Then I Plan to make 3 of each item and then keep the mats for 3 of each of those items ready .

Crafting the product 
This is actually the easy bit with a great range of addons to choose from TSM , Skillet and many others .
The main Aim here is to have a daily time when i make all my crafted goods with minimal effort

Selling the Product 
I will be using TSM to sell the items as I will need to setup them up in groups most of this is already done .

Well thats what needs to be done time to get started .

Would you do it any differently ?

Well time to empty out my guild banks and work on the next post on improving the system



  1. Mining for the smelting has some utility.. I keep Mining and Herb on 2 of my guys.. Herb is less useful but sometimes going out and getting some of my own is worth it.. Normally I hate farming too.. But buying ore in the AH and Smelting it then creating hardened adamantite has its advantages especially if you have blacksmithing.

  2. Loving the posts, feels great to be learning along with you.

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