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Trading with Zoxy

Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

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Friday, 11 February 2011

Am I Doing this wrong ? Part 1

While working in my Previous RL job that i got made redundant from ( so I am looking for new job so if you know of anything let me know in based in London ) I used to do a lot of process improvement . This got me thinking what is my current gold making process and is it actually efficient .

First I decided to look at my  Banking Setup .

Bank alt 1 - 
Recipes,Pets and odds and sods

4 Tab guild bank ( full )
Bank ( full )

Bank Alt 2 
Scrolls and Green items

3 Tab Guild bank ( full )
Bank ( full )

Bank Alt 3
Gems and Other JC items

4 Tab Guild Bank ( full )
Bank (Full)

Bank Alt 4

2 Tab Guild bank (not full )
Bank (Full)

Bank Alt 5 
Blacksmith , and Leather

2 Tab Guild bank (Full)

Whats Wrong with it ? 
Well all my Guild Banks are Full , I have a large amount of Stock that I am not Actually Selling its just dead money sitting there . So A big job i need to do is go into my banks and sort all the items out and make sure i have one of each on the AH .

Splitting over alts ? 
I am Still a fan of this as i can clearly see who is selling what and help separate the markets .

Do you horde in your guild banks ?
Do you have multiple bank alts ?

Next to look at my crafting and how i deal with it .



  1. Hey Zoxy - I'm in a bit of the same situation. I leveled Leatherworking just this week since it had the highest DPS gain for my main. Now I have all the skillups and leftover leather sitting around.

    I also have been crafting lowbie gear on my low-level alts for 3 months, leaving me with a lot of extra low-level mats in my guild bank. I've decided today that I'm done with lowbie crafted gear. The effort required to find mats, ensure profitability, and find sales is just ridiculous.

    I have 1 Bank alt with a 4-tab GB, who stockpiles enchanting mats (low-level), inks, DMCs, and cloth (and other miscellaneous stuff). She wears 3 inscription bags and handles all my glyphs (and that's it). She'll also buy all herbs (saves me from having to send money around) and send them to my scribe. I have another bank alt who deals with crafted gear and high level enchanting mats (from shuffling). He buys Ore and Leather and ships it to my JC/LW. He also has a 4-tab GB that's stocked with Pyrite, and crafted gear, and whatever else.

    I have another "Bank Alt", who I level by queuing for random dungeons (L23 atm). She handles all my gem sales, and will funnel money to my JC when he gets low. She's in my main guild, along with my tailor/scribe, my JC/LW, and my enchanter/alchemist. Having only a personal bank on each of my crafters (including my main) is a pain, but I've managed it ok.

  2. That's alot of work to go between them all!

    It reminds me of a "confusious say":
    Cluttered space, cluttered mind. Clean space, clean mind.

    I was in the same situation with a handful of banks and alts, and it just got to be to time consuming to back and forth so often (and forgetting markets in the process). So I decided to sell (which I think you might do from the sounds of it).

    Since today is Friday (ok, friday night for you), I would do a makeover and go crazy tossing everything in the AH on a 48 hour slab to try to liquidate a good chunk (obviously, I would keep what I feel I use on a weekly basis to the side). If it doesn't sell by the end of Auctions, at least you will see (and be reminded) of what your stock is.

    You might decide to just vendor if it doesn't sell so you aren't looking at it anymore- if it don't sell in 48, odds are you either got undercut or there is only a tiny market for that item...

    Also, it will kickstart finding a new niche you haven't hit in a while (which is great!), and it will buffer your pocketbook with some gold too! It also helps with refreshing that "old school" mentality on some tactics you used to use, but have just been collecting dust since Cata.

    Enough with my bla, bla, bla. I think you hit on the right points, and you have a gameplan on what you are going to do. Now the only thing you have to do is keep us updated on what happens!

  3. I use 3 guild banks, 4 tabs each. Generally they are organized according to specialty--glyph supplies in one, leather in another, enchanting in another. But there is enough cross application that some goods are in all three--infinite dust, volatiles, etc.

    I have only 1 real mule. The other guild leaders are also playing toons so they have no specialist bags or whatever. That also means a supply of low level stuff that needs to be cleaned out from time to time.

    I admit it, I'm a horder--keep stuff that has any value.

    I use my mule to buy and sell virtually everything. Very seldom do I have another toon list stuff.

    Takes longer to get mail to and from alts to mule but I prefer the anonymity of the arrangement.

  4. This is still one part of the all AH i don't really quite grasp,the banker alts and all this sort of thing,but it as is logic i see that ,but i find it organized mess ^^,the constant login in and out of Alts.

    But maybe i am just lazy,and since my AH activity's are still small ans scarce i didn't have the real need so far for all this logistics .
    By the way is it possible to built a guild whit only 2 different accounts ,or do we need 8 different account to create one guild?

  5. i build a guild with one account, pay 10g per sig then gkick everyone so it's just me left in guild. seems to be usual way everyone does it, either that or get lucky and manage to get given them like i do all the time atm!


  6. I made a bankalt guild 2-3 days ago for my GF, and these days it only takes 4 signatures. The easiest way I found to do it is just "/who 1-20 orgrimmar" and whisper the guildless if they could help you out. If that doesn't work out, go to the starting area in durotar, and whisper the new chars.

    I have 6 guild tabs, and only one bankalt. I only buy 4x of each vendor recipie, and 7 of each vendor pet, 14 of each "other-faction" pet/recipie. Dont forget you can use your mailbox as a storage aswell, if its 12 stacks of something you know will sell within a month, dont be afraid to send it from your main to your bankalt and just let is sit in the mailbox, using inventorium to take out what you need to put @ ah.

    On an unrelated note, MySales addon is bugged atm, does anyone have a link to a working fix?

  7. Ahh, the MySales error was fixed today with the hotfix blizz did! :) nice! Guess the errror were on blizzards part.
    My weeks sales with MySales;
    I threw myself abit more on the Enchanting-wagon this week, instead of just selling the raw mats. It didn't make much of a difference from last week. 35k last week, 38k this week. That difference isn't really significant. All I did this week were let inventorium work for me, re-filling the AH when needed. I did active crafting one day, 10 of each popular enchant, and I bought all the Carnelian @ ah below 13g, made spikes and DEed, and I transmuted living elements every CD. Thats all I did. I would say an average of 5500g per day with an average of 20min "work" each day isn't bad. ;)