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Trading with Zoxy, welcome to trading with Zoxy offering you uptodae gold hints and tips

Trading with Zoxy

Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

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Friday, 31 December 2010

How To Beat the Auctioneers ?

This was originally a guest post for Blog Azorth Secret santa and is over at manalicious 

How To Beat the Auctioneers ?

So at Trading with Zoxy I normally blog about the best ways to make gold but after reading this blog realised that my normal tips on how to make gold didn’t exactly suite , But part of a recent post caught my eye about being self sufficient . So what I want to do Is look at the ways to make your gold go further when buying off the AH .

So sellers such as my self will work with a couple of key strategies in mind to make the best out of the markets that we sell in .

  • Buy on The Weekend
  • Sell in the Week
  • If you don’t ask you don’t get
  • Is it above vendor
  • Shuffle and Convert
  • Be Prepared
  • Patch notes and Hot Fixes

So those are the main strategies that I use to make gold and the best of the market but what actually are they ?

Buy on the Weekend ?
The Weekend is really a buyers market and not a very good time to sell , The reason is that a larger volume of casual players are online and because of this there is a much larger of volume of items being listed and as most players use a addon like auctioneer and set it to automatically to undercut. So this mean by the afternoon on Saturday that the market has already dropped a big amount . I normally wait till Saturday evening when people log off 11pm to 2am and then will buy most of my stock then.

Sell in the Week
This is another important point that if you are selling then remember to sell during the week . A great example of this is people need consumables for Raiding . So on a Wednesday post those items that raiders use . Also on the flip side of this after the raids people will need new enchants and gems so make sure there posted up after raid resets too . Overall during the week there is lower demand and less supply so the prices will increase .

If you don’t ask you don’t get
Many Sellers such as myself are resellers , this means that we look out for rare items and then flip them for massive profits . A Example is recipes : I find many rare recipes for a few gold and then flip them and sell them for there actual worth I normally make 1 or 2k from a single recipe . SO because of this our profit margins are normally really high and so make a offer if there is a item on the AH that seems above your limit . Just today I managed to get one of my main competitors to sell me a recipe I wanted to for my main at 50% there list price .

Is it Above Vendor ?
Saronite is a great example here I have been buying massive amounts of this must have about 3000 ore now , and I paid a maximum of 12.5 gold for it per 20. In simple terms if the market is low don’t sell you items without checking the vendor value .

Shuffle and Convert -
One way to make a lot of gold is to shuffle items , a example is if you have a jewlcrafter . I buy all the Eternal Earth under 3 gold and make into Stoneguard Bands giving me Infinite dust and Greater eternal essences . So each Ring normally nets between 4-7 dust of 2-3 essences . Meaning that these are great item to profit on . This is also now working with the new Cata ores too .

So with this always be on the lookout for what can be converted did u used to convert your frozen orbs to eternals or just sell the orbs ?

Be Prepared
We are currently in the festival of winter veil and I have made around 10,000g just from selling the winter veil items . So my advice here is to make sure what items you will need prior to these events as if we take Small Eggs for a example , they normally sell for about 50s each but during Winter veil they have been selling for about 4g each . So why pay 20g when u only needed to pay 2 ?

Patch notes and Hot Fixes :
Patch day is always a massive opportunity to make gold , So don’t get caught out .My simple bit of advice is don’t buy anything on a patch day that would be classed as a Big thicket item. MY example here is recipe: Savoury Deviate Delight . Pre Shattering it sold for 2-3k on my server but now only sells for 100g . On that day I managed to go out and farm 3 for myself in 30mins due to the changed drop rates and then sell them for 1k each before people were aware . So be careful and make sure you have read those patch notes.


  • Buy on the weekend toward the end of the day
  • Sell in the Week to respond to the raiders
  • If you want a high ticket items send a offer the the Seller
  • Make sure your not giving gold away check the vendor value
  • Can you shuffle it to make it worth more ?
  • Be prepared – Don't wait until the festival to buy the items you need for it
  • Be Careful on Patch day don’t buy high ticket items.

So thanks for reading and I hop the tips help your gold go further and understand what us auctioneers are up to when were doing odd things . If you have any questions then please ask


Making Gold the Basics - Tailoring

There are many ways to make gold from tailor and by working within the Field. 

When people level there professions they normally use power levelling guides i use

So there guide shows that to level from 1-525 
Approximate Materials Required for 1-525:
  • 250 Linen Cloth
  • 135 Wool Cloth
  • 760 Silk Cloth
  • 396 Mageweave Cloth
  • 780 Runecloth
  • 725 Netherweave Cloth
  • 30 Arcane Dust
  • 20 Knothide Leather
  • 20 Infinite Dust
  • 20 Eternal Life or Fire or Shadow
  • 1400 Frostweave Cloth
  • 1825 Embersilk Cloth
  • 70 Volatile Fire
  • 20 Volatile Air
  • 58 Volatile Water

So here is our snatch list for what to sell to tailors while they are levelling as you can see there are some very high requirements for different cloths . I would look at Netheweave and above to buy and flip  as people will always be needed .

What to sell ? 
This amazing List comes from Kaliopes crafting blog Which is a amazing resource for all things crafting.

The Below list is what gear to make but I would also suggest making bags . 

Levels 10-19
Spidersilk Drape (rare quality)
Spidersilk Boots (rare quality, requires uncommon ingredients)
Reinforced Woolen Shoulders
Colorful Kilt
Woolen Boots
Simple Kilt
Blue Overalls

Levels 20-29
Azure Silk Gloves
Shadow Hood
Truefaith Gloves
Azure Silk Vest
Silk Headband
Spider Silk Slippers
Phoenix Gloves
Azure Silk Pants
Enchanter's Cowl
Phoenix Pants
Azure Silk Hood

Levels 30-39
Icy Cloak (rare quality)
Crimson Silk Gloves
Black Mageweave Gloves
Crimson Silk Vest
Shadoweave Pants
Red Mageweave Pants
Star Belt (requires uncommon ingredients)
Azure Shoulders
White Bandit Mask
Shadoweave Robe
Azure Silk Cloak
Crimson Silk Shoulders

Levels 40-49
Dreamweave Vest (rare quality)
Dreamweave Gloves (rare quality)
Dreamweave Circlet (rare quality, requires uncommon ingredients)
Frostweave Gloves
Cindercloth Vest
Cindercloth Boots
Frostweave Tunic
Frostweave Robe
Shadoweave Boots
Shadoweave Shoulders
Shadoweave Mask
Cindercloth Gloves
Shadoweave Gloves

Levels 50-59
Inferno Gloves (rare quality, requires uncommon ingredients)
Robe of Winter Night (rare quality, requires uncommon ingredients)
Felcloth Gloves (rare quality, require uncommon ingredients)
Felcloth Hood
Felcloth Shoulder (requires uncommon ingredients)
Felcloth Robe (requires uncommon ingredients)
Cindercloth Pants
Felcloth Boots
Runecloth Gloves
Frostweave Pants
Felcloth Pants
Cindercloth Cloak (requires uncommon ingredients)

Levels 60-69
Bracers of Havok (rare quality, requires uncommon ingredients)
Blackstrike Bracers (rare quality, requires uncommon ingredients)
Frostwoven Belt
Frostwoven Boots
Bloodvine Vest (rare quality, requires uncommon ingredients)
Cloak of the Black Void (rare quality, requires uncommon ingredients)
Frostwoven Gloves
White Remedy Cape (rare quality, requires uncommon ingredients)
Bloodvine Leggings (rare quality, requires uncommon ingredients)
Netherweave Tunic

Levels 70-77
Duskweave Shoulders
Cloak of Frozen Spirits (rare quality, requires uncommon ingredients)
Dustweave Boots
Mystic Frostwoven Robe (rare quality, requires uncommon ingredients)
Duskweave Leggings
Dustweave Cowl
Duskweave Belt
Duskweave Gloves
Duskweave Wristwraps
Mystic Frostwoven Wristwraps (rare quality, requires uncommon ingredients)


Thursday, 30 December 2010

JMTC Blogging Carnival - How I have been making money in Cataclysm

So what Items have been my Top Sellers ? 

Mysterious fortune cards  50k 
Dreamless Belt 30k 
Gems 20k 

 Winter veil goods  Have also been a really good source of income during the first few weeks of Cataclysm.

Mysterious fortune cards - 
My number one top seller Cold is to blame for this and was the first to do it . I Then tried it and made 20k in a day so I had to carry on selling these for about a week , I Think that this will be a strong money maker but watch out for the market being flooded by competition if so you need to leave it for a couple of weeks then come back to this . That's going to be my plan for this over the next few months as if not the markets becomes saturated and people wont buy them .

Dreamless Belts - Epic Crafted Gear 
These have now dropped down to 10k each so i will be moving onto the legs . But these would still make a 6k profit on my server at the moment . But i am moving onto the Epic legs as they are currently selling for 20k and offering a 14k profit .

Gems - 
I managed to get in early and have had some good luck selling gems but now the market has crashed on my server so I am just deciding what to do .Cut gems are below 100g and many are heading under 50g and meta  gems are hovering around 300g . So i am just waiting and hoping more people start raiding soon and that they start selling .

Other items 
Here are a few screen shots of Mysales addon showing items I have been selling

A Few Days into Cata

Day 1 of winter Veil


Gold making the Basics - Selling your goods

So now we have our stock how are we going to sell it ?

There are few options to use
1. Trade Chat
2 Auction house

Trade Chat
I only use trade chat for High ticket crafted items for me that is the current Cataclysm crafted epics . Also when selling Mysterious fortune cards i will bark in trade chat .

The Auction House

So for selling in the auction house I use 2 different addons.

  • Auction Profit master
  • Auctioneer .

Auction Profit master
I will go into this in more details another day but APM is great for mass posting. I sell a lot of items and normally have about 800 auctions on the go and the great thing about apm is it allows you to set-up groups to sell .

The Groups
My main group is my 1g to 99g gold and what APM allows you to do is allows you to set the minimum post value (for this group it's 1g) and also set a fallback value ( the amount to post at if no others are on the AH ) . I Mainly use this for vendor recipes as this is a main source of my income and it allows me to manage a massive number of different recipes with minimal effort .

I mainly use auctioneer for searching and snatching but i also do use auctioneer when i wither want to sell a unique item or to get a rough guide price for a item as it is good for showing the average prices and 7 and 14 day moving prices .

When to sell ? 
I have most of my items on all week as I deal in low value high volume but when is best to sell ?

Raid Rest

For the weekend 
During the weekend prices will drop on many items due to increased supply but if you are wanting to sell items then a weekend is a good time to shift high volume items . Also price normally as demand increased then price your items normally and wait and alot of the time if yours is second or 3rd cheapest then then will sell .

Raid Reset Wednesday - 
Make sure that if you are selling consumables then have them listed cheapest for about 6-8pm as peopel are on and looking to raid . Also for once raids are finished people will need new enchants and new gems


Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Cold's Gold Factory Blogging Carnival - What is one of your favorite farming spots in Cataclsym?

Well Great news there is a new blogging Carnival happening over at Cold's Gold Factory 

So the First one is What's your Favourite Cataclysm Farming spot 

I have 2 spots I enjoy farming - 

My Top spot is in Deepholm and From it you can get over 150 Embersilk an hour . 

The spot is in the image below 

The Original Post I made on it is Embersilk Cloth Farming - 150 + Cloth an Hour  

If you combine farming this spot with a Potion of treasure finding then then you can have awesome results . The Best one of my Readers has had is :

1 Hour of farming with the elixer and I got:

510 Embersilk Cloth
8 Volatile Earth
6 Volatile Life
6 Volatile Air
6 Volatile Fire
4 Volatile Water

Then Greens DE'd:

26 Hypnotic Dust
3 Greater Celestial Essences 

+ a couple hundred gold from silver.

So hope you enjoy the spot as much as I have 


The Second spot -  Deadmines Normal

Well its not a Cata one but i still really enjoy this spot .- 

Why ? 
Wool cloth
Green Winged Macaw 
And BOE - Blues 

So this spot isn't going to make hundreds of gold an hour but it easy to farm and offers some nice drops . for low level people . But give it a go its good fun and a break from high level grinding 

Secret Santa Blog Exchange - How to Spend Your Gold - From Jasyla of Cannot Be Tamed

Hello everyone, this is Jasyla from Cannot be Tamed. I am Zoxy's secret santa this year through the Blog Azeroth Secret Santa project.

I read through Trading with Zoxy for quite a while trying to figure out a good topic to write a post on. Zoxy's blog is mostly about making gold: what to buy, when to sell it, mods that will help you. I thought and thought about what I could possibly add to this topic. I'm not much of a gold-maker. If I were to try to give auction house advice, everyone reading would probably be broke within a few days. Then I thought of something gold-related I am good at: spending gold.

A short while back, Zoxy posted about how he had gone from 3k to 100k gold in 2 months. Hopefully, those who follow his advice are approaching that number as well. Once you get to 100k gold, what are you going to do with it? I've got some fun ideas for you.

Like mounts? There are a lot of new ones to buy in Cataclsym.
First, and most expensive, is the Sandstone Drake. This is a BoE mount that is created by an alchemist. The cost to make it is high. 26,000 gold worth of vendor mats plus a number or normal alchemy materials.  If you don't have an alchemist and need them to make one for you, expect to pay quite a bit more. If you've got too much gold burning a hole in your pocket, this is an excellent way to get rid of some of it.

Once you get exalted with Ramakhen you get access to a Riding Camel for a trifling 80 gold.

If you're in a guild, you should get access to a new ground mount once you reach guild level 25. Horde can get the Kor'kron Annihilatorscorpion mount and Alliance get the Golden King lion mount for 1500 gold.

If you're in a raiding guild, you might get access to the flying mount Dark Phoenix which will cost you 3000 gold.

Also, if you missed out on some things in Wrath you can always stock up on mammoths: The Traveller's Tundra Mammoth (complete with vendors and extra seats) will set you back 16,000 gold if you're exalted with Kirin Tor. Sons of Hodir will still sell you Ice Mammoths (800 gold) or Grand Ice Mammoths (8000 gold).

Need a friend?
There are a lot of new companion pets, though a lot of them are created by professions. Be a smart shopper and make them yourself (or find someone else who will do it). The one BoE pet that can't be made is the Hyacinth Macaw (it's not new, but it's still hard to get). This is an extremely rare drop from Stranglethorn, though you should be able to find one on the AH. Depending on your server, these can sell from anywhere between 10,000-20,000 gold.

Need some gear?
There's a lot of new BoE gear to consider, but most can and should be crafted yourself (or by a willing accomplice). However, there are some ilvl 359 BoE world drops that you're not going to be able to get anywhere else. Between off-hands like Heartbound Tome, and rings like Blauvelt's Family Crest and Signet of the High Arcanist Savor, there's something for most classes to help you get geared up for raiding. Depending on server these could run you between 10,000-20,000.

Need even more gold?
Invest in more things you can sell. Buy holiday items you can re-sell later, opposite-faction pets or mats for crafting BoE items. Why be satisfied with 100,000 gold when you could have 200,000?

Happy spending!

Thanks for the Great post My Post is over at Manalicious with tips on how to beat the Auctioneers