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Trading with Zoxy, welcome to trading with Zoxy offering you uptodae gold hints and tips

Trading with Zoxy

Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

What has been selling on the Auction house in cataclysm - My Sales Part 2

After my Rocky Start today my Sales from yesterday have been great.

Netherweave Bags - These just keep selling so if you have a tailor keep buying and making them .
Infinite Dust - As you can see 41g a stack of these and i only had 27 stacks that sold within an hour of listing

The Two Cuts i am using for my JC are selling very well as you can see , there is a lot of competition but also high demand so don't worry if too many people undercut as there will still sell .

Saronite ore - Could be a a lucky day of sales but sold for 32gold a stack whci is a 20g profit per stack for me .

Wool and Cookies - I had some seasonal spices in the bank so made some ready to sell . Wool as people have started buying it today .

Ebonsteel Belt Buckle - Took a while to start selling but are going well now and i have been making a good profit from these .

PVP gear - also going well but cloth is too expensive to buy and craft tat the moment but most are from me skilling up .

The other Item I sold was a Dreamless Belt for 16kg and it cost me 4k to make so look at the prices and sell them as there will be a good profit for the first Month or so

How have your sales gone ?
What are you top selling items ?


  1. After spending 8 hours mining and around 20-25k on elementium ore for prospecting purposes to powerlevel my JC (85 shadowspirit diamonds waiting for me on the 4th day of JC dailies = Realm First JC), I've recouped around 60k alone in JC-related materials over the past week.

    Green-quality gems were going for 60-150g each (down to 20-80g now). Blue-quality gems have maintained their value (80-250g) because more people are getting JC cuts. However, by far my biggest seller has been Meta gem cuts. With that stockpile of 85 diamonds, I've been selling them at a rate of 4-10 per day at 750g each. I started selling them at 500g and kept increasing the price up to 850g where I am right now. I've also been selling Brilliant Infero Rubies for around 300g each.

    One pro-tip would be to check on green-quality gems and herbs to see if transmuting blue-quality gems and cutting them yields any profit. For instance, if Carneliens go for 40g each and Heartblossoms go for 5g each, that's a 40x3 + 15x3 = 135g investment for a possible 250-300g sale. Not to mention transmute procs that is extra gold anyways...

    I'm still buying and prospecting ore, albeit I'm more cautious because of the decreased gem prices. I'll buy elementium stacks at 160g and under right now.

    Interloper, Horde Ysondre

  2. Zoxy,

    What addon are you using in the screenshot that shows your sales?


  3. That's MySales.

    Nice post, Zoxy - really encouraging to see the Brilliant Inferno Ruby doing so well. I spent my first few tokens on Quick Amberjewel and have only sold 3 over the past couple days.

    Interloper - that's a great tip on the Shadowspirit Diamonds. I haven't seen ANY on my AH. Now that I've got prospected gems to spare and a decent cash reserve to invest, I may try to find an Alchemist who can do some transmutes and get those Diamonds up on the AH.

  4. Nice post, love seeing what is selling on other servers. Great idea to post that info. =)

    ALTOs Gold"ish" Advise- The Worst WoW Blog Ever!