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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Embersilk Cloth Farming - The Best locations

Embersilk Cloth Farming - The Best locations 

Blizzard has stealth nerfed the best farming spot for Embersilk Cloth in deepholm which was giving 150+ cloth an hour. But where else is good to go and farm Embersilk Cloth now ?

Below are the best places I have found to farm Embersilk cloth in the different Cataclysm zones .Remember that all of these spots can be improved with using a potion of treasure finding ,

Tol Barad  - Lvl 85 

The Best place I have found here is the Restless soldiers in the Restless front  . The reason that these are good to farm is that two mobs are fighting each other and  you can tag them once there at down to 17k health . This spot seems to be the best spot for farming Embersilk Cloth in wow at the moment .

The Problems farming are 
- You must be lvl 85 
- Its a PVP Zone 


There are 2 great places to farm Embersilk Cloth in Uldam

The Obelisk of the moon 
The Obelisk of the Moon, has the mobs  Schnottz Excavators and Schnottz Overseers which both have a good drop rate but only are here if you haven't done the quest line.

Schnottz's Landing 

There are 3 boats down here that if you haven't done the quest chain then there are Schnottz Sea Troopers down there that have a good drop rate of Embersilk Cloth .Also the troopers are still there once You have done the quests just not in as great numbers .

Mount Hyjal 

In Mount Hyjal i have found  two good farming spots for Embersilk Cloth  .The First spot is just by Sulforon Spire and Ascendants Rise , the mobs to farm are called Twilight Retainer and Twilight Augur . The Mobs have about 50k hp and are only lvl 81  with a good respawn time .

The second spot to farm Embersilk Cloth is by a shiny portal with Twilight Fild Captains and Twlight scorchlords the mobs have about 30k hp and also have a good spawn rate .

Twilight Highlands

There are 2 good spots to farm Embersilk Cloth in twilight highlands but also these spots are harder as the mobs have much more health and hit  harder . But the rewards are better as they drop more gold and more cloth  .

The First spot is on the beach by both of the Towns , there are mobs fighting each other so its easy to tag these mobs . The Highbank Marines and the Axebite Marines are the mobs you want to be killing . They are lvl 84 and have about 70k hpp but you can tag them when there on lower health .

The Second spot is probably the hardest spot I have found that is good for farming Embersilk Cloth but also the drop rate is  good , the Elementium Depths .There are 2 types of mobs in here Depths overseer and Twilight miners .Both are lvl 85 and have about 70k hp .

These are the best spots I have found for farming  Embersilk Cloth , have you found a better one ?



  1. When I was in Tol Barad a couple days ago, that spot was NOT PVP. A lot of people come out of the other side still flagged, however, so there is often a lot of PVP happening right there.

  2. Tol Barad is a very (very) good spot. Some mobs have less than 40k hp, making it simple.

    fast respawn timer
    good drop rate

    any farmer's happiness !

  3. The best spot I found is dragonmaw pass. I managed to get about 150 cloth per hour there. The mobs regularly drop 3 to 4 cloth. The problem is that you are not allowed to complete the questchain leading upto grim bartol or the mobs will despawn. One of the quests there is easy pickings.
    I farmed all the cloth for tailoring 480 to 525 on that location.