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Monday, 31 January 2011

What should I Do ?

Well I spent 10000g the other day on ore as  someone dumped a massive amount of ore in the AH  here are the results so far :

He is What I can't Decide :

- Should I shuffle to Enchanting mats and make scrolls
- Should I just vendor and Cut them all ( will get back over 15k )
- Should I smelt bars and sell the bars ?

But Why the Decision ? 
I suppose I am lazy the shuffle takes a long time to do and with playing wow ( yea I mean not the AH )and trying to get the new site ready ( really would help if I could do graphics !). For me I am a hoarder i am receiving far more good on a daily basis at the moment then I am selling  my AH routine is sloppy and I am enjoying the Theory and Blogging alot at the moment  .

So I need to spend a Day Refining the Ah Routine that I currently do and also need to go through the Guild banks and get the 50k of stock out and selling .

So what should I do ?

Do you hoard too much ?



  1. oh yes, I hoard loads of stuff. I managed to get my new JC'er to skill 350 & only bought about 100g worth of bits on the way - the rest came out of all my various banks! Next prof is to replace tailoring on one of my lower alts - I have one at lvl 50 so she will be able to pick up training all the way to 375 - I'm guessing with the amount of stuff in my banks, I'll probably not need to buy any cloth at all & maybe only a few of the other bits :)

    I don't have anything quite so organised as this though :) & nothing in quite so much volume.

  2. Not so much for me. I stock decks for the DMF, along with extra low level mats that I get from leveling alts, but that's about all that will sit in my banks for more than a week or two.

  3. craft jc items and disenchant them with scrolls + blue items u usually make the best profit

    i for myself just bought 300 stacks elementium ore an do the same :)
    last time i did this i made over 20k profit but it depends on realms ;)

  4. I've been hoarding a lot of cataclysm Enchanting mats and raw gems, which I'll likely either seel outright or cut Properly/shuffle at a later date when the markets on my server stabilize, if you've purchased below the Floor, then it's a no lose scenario, take the time to do what needs doing else where, and process as you see fit, you can always trickle the stockpile out for profits over an extended period.

  5. I've been cut-->vendoring lately because I simply cannot unload my stock without overwhelming the market, even if ore prices make it theoretically viable.

  6. Diversify! You could have a really good stockpile of metas ready to be cut with the new patterns coming in 4.0.6. Craft rings and necks to disenchant...either sell the scrolls or raw mats, depending on prices. Sell Jasper/Nightstone/Zephyrite on days where they're required for the daily. And of course, cut and sell the rare gems!

  7. When I buy cheap ore (especially Pyrite) I go for the quickest buck and make plenty. I just mash my number 1 key (a macro for prospecting the ore) while I read on my iPad. Then I just cut the blue gems and dump the earths and green gems on the AH. It is easy, it all sells and I make 1.5 to 2x on my investment every time. I am up to about 900k gold and this has been 90% of how I got there (along with Maelstrom crystals before the fix and fortune cards every once in a while and an occasional flip).

  8. ...I just don't have the time to process all the gems and DE - just not worth it to me - makes wow feel like a second job.

  9. check jmtc blog from today
    - dools

  10. Well, what you should do depends on how quickly you want to make that 10k back. I'm assuming that's a fairly minor investment for you, so if you're not strapped for cash, you should just rest on that massive stockpile for now. Finish up the obnoxious grind of prospecting, and then just complete the shuffle when you need to. Finishing the shuffle will lock you in to whatever you decide to do (metas v. enchanting mats, for example), so just keep that bank stocked up on greens to ensure you can get the most gold out of whatever's most profitable that day/week. Like Syn said, stockpiling isn't an issue if you're buying below floor price, because if you're ever in a tough spot you can just fall back on cutting + vendoring.

    So do the shuffle to get yourself a decent amount of mats to sell. I'd suggest getting a stack of metas, a few stacks of GCE and HD (or two to three of the more profitable scrolls if you're doing that rather than selling mats raw), and keep a stack of each of the daily gems handy so you're prepared when they come up. And then just go back and shuffle some more when that mini-stockpile runs out.

  11. lol! I made a post exactly about the same title, "What should I do?", on the same topic just a week ago. I suppose this is quite a common situation, at least in server with many gold-farmers/bot... So it's surely a good topic to talk about.
    In the comments to my post I got some good advices, but it's still really time consuming!

  12. Well i personally have spent about 5k at a time on ore and have not ran into the same situation as you. However I believe you should do a little of each of the strategies. No i don't tend to hoard a lot but i have been hoarding all the V. life that i have been getting >6g per. My question to you is: Has some1 made a spreadsheet that includes all possible enchants as part of the shuffle? Yes i know it's a bad question, but thought I would ask.


  13. Hard to say what to do with that quantity. I would do a little of all three--make the rings/necklaces to DE, make scrolls, sell mats, cut profitable gems and make some room.

    I run into similar situations with herbs as well. My goal in situations like this is to mill/prospect, craft & DE, but just to make my investment back. What is left over is then pure profit later when I do liquidate the stock.

  14. I have given up on buying tons of ore lower than the vendor value of cut gems, since it takes about 2-3 hours of prospecting/cutting to turn 5k gold into 7.5k, thats 1k gold per hour for clicking a button that I dont have time to click :) I currently sit on 3-400 nightstones I dont know what to do about. They only sell for 15-18g @ ah, and thats way to low for nightstones, imo. but 400-ish gems is timeconsuming to cut / make neck + de, so I have just put it off. It takes sooo much time! :) Gl with your mountain of gems >.<

  15. I would definitely consider diversifying. If you dump 10,000g worth of anything on AH, the price is going to fall to nothing. So I would be considering

    - making profitable scrolls (research prices with TSM or scroll master or simply pen and paper)
    - crafting a good stock of raw metas ready for next patch
    - turning a sizable portion into disenchantable greens and auctionable blue jewellery

    The rest, I would immediately cut and vendor. I believe in putting your gold to work, and if it's tied up in hoarded items, you can't use it as liquid cash to buy MORE ore and make the same profit again, and again, instead of leaving it to rot in the guild bank.

    Plus, you never know if there could be a stealth nerf of those gem prices, blizz have been a little unpredictable lately, eg savory deviate delight, archaeology greys, razzashi hatchling

    Good luck!

  16. ps I forgot to mention the opportunity-cost of what else you could be storing in those bank slots!

  17. WoW - So many comments cheers all

    I think I will be making some Metas - keeping some of the Gems for Jc dailies and will also shuffle some .

    Its Just the time is takes to shuffle it all is a pain , but it is just really showing that you need a AH routine and a solid one

  18. If you see this as a continuing thing (with your stock), here's my advice:

    I hooked up with a farmer last week and he is sending me crazy stacks [almost] every day (as in 15-20 COD's of 12 stacks) of Obsidium. So I have been crazy busy with all my time just doing the shuffle. I have been going back and forth each time switching between these (in no particular order):

    1. Sell uncut gems in the AH. Just watch the price, some might not be worth doing this (Jasper is going for mid 30s currently, so i am doing great off them, but it's server dependant with these for the most part). I have also had to go to /2 trade to sell stacks of Zeph, as I am getting a TON of them, as they are limited use...

    2. The normal shuffle (spikes, necklace, ring D/E, blue procs AH'ed), use the mats for enchant scrolls or just AH em.

    3. Transmute Shadowspirit Diamonds (no cooldown). Right now, I have around 200 of these puppies in stock for 4.0.6, and still selling daily on the AH for 250ish gold.

    4. And if you have extra, or things aren't looking good, don't forget to use the opposite faction's AH. This might help if you are new to it:
    When the AH doesn’t want to play!

    5. I hope you don't cut and vendor. Worst case, they sit in your bank a while, but if they are daily's, they will sell, just be patient...

    6. You can always skip all this mess (and time) and just "flip" your cheaply bought Ore....

    I hope some information helped, as it is probably a repeat of what you have already heard, but there is not really many choices to go with, and this is what has been working for me. Good luck!