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Trading with Zoxy, welcome to trading with Zoxy offering you uptodae gold hints and tips

Trading with Zoxy

Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Gold Making the Basics - How To Understand your Server Economy

So you read in many Places - Go Research your Servers Economy  - But How ? 

For me I would start with the Following Key Questions :

  • Server Age 
  • Population 
  • PVE or PVP ? 
  • Progression or Casual ? 
  • Server Forums

Server Age - 
How do you find how old your sever is ?
There is a site Called Warcraft Realms that has the information on Server live Dates Check Here for yours  .

But what does Server age tell us ? 
You would expect that on a older Server there will be more money and more established players . So on a old Server I would expect the market to be stronger with a few Established Auctioneers .Also With a old Server I would expect Established and old Guilds .

There have been many population moved and combining of servers so do your Research well.

Population - 
Population is a major Factor on the market but what's your Server population ?

High -
On a high Population Server I would expect the market to be Very active and there will be a larger volume of sales , I would Be looking to sell high volume low profit items here as a standard way of making gold  but Expect tough competition .

Also There will be a lot of gold on the Server and With that the possibility of Farmers ad Gold Sellers. Dealing in Rare items will also be good as with a high Population the Supply will be much less then the demand.

On a medium population Server I would expect a  balanced market with good volume of sales and Rare items going at a fair price but not a high as a High Population Server as the demand Will be less and Less players will need them . I would also expect a strong Supply of mats on a medium population Server.

A Low Population Server with have its own issue Less mats to keep the market flowing but also less demand, so I would expect to see a overall higher prices but rare items selling  at a much slower rate

PVE , PVP or RP ? 

PVP - ( Player Vs Player)
As its a PVP server you would expect a higher demand for PVP gear, gems,enchants and PVP focused Potions . So selling Gear aimed at this community works well .

PVE  ( Player Vs Environment)
As the server is not PVP focused expect to sell items and Gear aimed at Raiders and People levelling alts .

RP ( Role Play ) 
On a RP server there is a demand for Cosmetic items Like Ruby shades or the many different types of cosmetic shirts .

Progression or Casual 
To find out if you server is a Progressive or Casual Server Check out Wow Progress - Click Here

Progressive - 
When you look the information about your server look at the top guilds have they cleared all the Raid content and when did they get there kill ?

If you can understand the raiding nature of your server then you can work out the need to supply Epic gear and Buff food and Potions .

Server Forums -

Recruitment is always a key sign or expansion or progression so also have a look here and see how busy the forums are and how many guilds are recruiting . This can give you a good idea of what happening across the guilds and you can see who is doing what  . Another point here is to see how organised the Guild are do they post ever day ?

Overall it take time to understand a servers economy but if you can answer the above questions then you can enter the market in a more informed position

  • So how old is your Server ? 
  • What the Population ? 
  • PVP or PVE ? 
  • Progressive or Casual ? 
  • What happening behind the scenes

Resources to look at 



  1. Nice post Zoxy, Very informative.

    I am currently on a high pop server which is one of the older ones and the competition is mental sometimes. As you mentioned, you need to make alot of sales to make a decent profit but I dont mind, the market is very active aswell.

    Big pop servers also mean that farming areas are full(if you like to earn gold that way) but prices are quite low.

    off topic: any chance you can change the link text in the sidebar, that blue is barely legible :( unless thats just my firefox :P

    Warcraft Corner

  2. I would add horde/alliance balance which you can get a somewhat crude estimate off on wowprogress and warcraftrealms. This might give you an idea what could be worth moving across factions.