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Trading with Zoxy, welcome to trading with Zoxy offering you uptodae gold hints and tips

Trading with Zoxy

Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Prospecting for Gold Day 3 - Pure Profit

Wow is all I have to say really I opened my mail to this today

So a total of 7165g sales made over night .

But where does this Put us overall ?

Day one Sales - 4876g 
Day two Sales - 7165g
Float ( for Fees) 300g 

Total Made so far  :11741g
Amount Spent on Ore : 7150g

Profit  : 4591g and I still Have 5.1k of auctions left on the AH to Sell .

What sold ? ( Since Last post )

Summary - 
So Day 2 and I have already made my money back which is great and 4k profit with another 5k potential soon.Really pleased that the spreadsheet worked as I always hesitant to try a new gold making Idea when there is no solid proof that it will work , but the number have proved it.

Do People want me to carry on till all is sold on this ?


Day 1 - Setting Up 
Day 2 - The First Sales 
How to use the Spreadsheet 
The Shuffling Spreadsheet that Killed Them All 


  1. Go for it! Big numbers and lots of gold is always fun to read about.

    Just an anecdote about my own success with this: Right now it's the Jasper Daily, they're selling for 55g and stacks of Obsidium are 60g. I usually get about 11 Jasper per 10 stacks, so right now, the Jasper is pretty much completely covering my costs. Everything else after that is just pure profit!

  2. I suppose I could flip this 10k Into Ore and prospect and then just repeat the process .

    That is crazy one sales almost pays for the ore !

  3. Awesome read! I'm trying this too, but on a 1k gold investment, since I want to see it proven in practice on my server first ;-)

  4. I am getting jealous... on my server nightstone sells for 15g, all other uncommons for 7-12g, the blue alacite pendants for 60g. Amberjewels for 7g, most other rares for 10-20g, inferno ruby for 50-60g. And while they do sell, the competition is huge :(. That's the market if you play on an old, full, progression server.

  5. Congrats on making back your investment. Please keep us posted. As Vince said, we all love to see the numbers. As always, thanks for posting your results.

  6. Well this is cheers me up a little...
    I'm going to prospect and sell ~320 stacks of obsidium ore I managed to buy at less than 50g a stack (some even at 38-44g!) and even if I know I'll surely be making some good profits, I'm bored even before starting :/

  7. Wow, Nightstone does really well on your server! =O I know I certainly mind seeing more of this, seeing how it all sells is nice.

    I've recently gotten into shuffling heavily as well, have you been listing your chanting mats as full stacks? They seem to sell for more and much faster for me when I do. Same goes for the green gems a lot of the time too actually.

  8. I'm having trouble tracking where everything goes from my prospecting! I keep a tally of prospect results & I can see easily which gems I'm selling but I have an enchanter so the urge to use all those lovely dusts & essences in enchant scrolls is too great. I could just allocate scroll sales as prospecting sales but I also d/e other stuff so it wouldn't be particularly accurate. I guess as long as the trackable stuff still gives overall profits, then at least I know the majority of my enchant scrolls are profit too :)