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Trading with Zoxy, welcome to trading with Zoxy offering you uptodae gold hints and tips

Trading with Zoxy

Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

The leveling guide doesn't have any of those stupid fake 'secrets' that will be gone with the next expansion or content patch...

20K Leveling Guide

The guide doesn't have any of those stupid fake 'secrets' that will be gone with the next expansion or content patch... Instead, I walk you step by step through making gold in this game with rock solid, fundamental strategies which will allow you to easily make 300-1000 gold every day while you level. In fact, when the next expansion rolls around, you won't need to buy another WoW gold guide. Yes there will be new items and gear, but the guides I teach you are timeless and that's what makes them so successful with players of all skill levels.

Warcraft Journal is the first magazine dedicated to World of Warcraft

WarCraft Journal

Warcraft Journal is the first magazine dedicated to World of Warcraft. Each month you will get a new magazine full of news, how-to's and in-depth analysis. And you can read it right away from the comfort of your PC or print it if you choose to. It's fully yours and you will have all the World of Warcraft issues collection at one click of a mouse. Once you get access to Warcraft Journal issues, you'll fall in love with the magazine and start counting the days until the next monthly issue arrives. Plus, at any time, you can make suggestions to help us give you the best content possible. Also they offer a Free 30day trial.

Zygor Guides - Hide quoted text -

Zygor Guides

We believe that the difference in quality you will find in our guides over our competitors is better experienced than simply talked about. We also know that many of you would prefer to try the guides out before buying them. That is why we now offer a free 1-13 trial version of our Alliance and Horde guides. This is a fully functional version of our guide and are only limited in regards to the max level you can achieve with them. Our all new In-Game Talent Advisor is also included which will instruct you on where to spend your talent points when you level up.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

TradeSkill Master - Needs You !

Have You Ever wondered what goes into making a addon ? 

Well for a addon of this size there is a massive amount of Work and this is where the TSM team Needs Your Help . 

To help move this addon out of Beta there is a Urgent need for Testers to work with the developers ,testing and Recreating problems that users are coming up across 

Can you Spare 30 minutes a day  to do this ?  

They are also looking for more members to join there Team can you translate Tradeskill Master to a Different language ? Are you a Web Developer or Artist that wants the make the Interface look better ? 

Get in contact with the Tradeskill Mater Team now  - Click here to talk to them Live On IRC 

Help Wanted

IRC Moderators/Helpers

  • Active in our IRC channel
  • Helps out users as much as possible
  • Provides well thought-out answers with accurate information in language understandable to fifth graders (layman's).
  • Can point users to various web resources when applicable.
  • Using a non-web irc client. We recommend XChat WDK.
  • Registered with Q.
  • Don't ask us for it. If you fit these qualifications, we'll notice and upgrade your status.

OFFICIAL Testers - Now accepting!

Help keep our addon to the highest quality possible. Testers tear apart an addon's functions and find bugs and things that don't work well. Your name will be in the credits you will help make our addons awesome!

  • Can devote at least 30 minutes a day to finding and posting bugs
  • Can use a ticket system on our developers site
  • Can be consistent in work, no long periods of unannounced inactivity.
  • Can assist users with basic problems (avoiding false bug reports) on our IRC channel
Official testers are a little different: Idle on IRC, help people out, and report bugs and we will get you some status.



  • Able to spend at least 8 hours per week on an assigned (with some flexibility) project.
  • Ample programming background.
    • C++, Java, PhP, or other languages (scripting language experience a plus).
  • Able to be active on an IRC channel frequently


  • Previous WoW addon and/or Lua experience preferred, but not required.
  • Works well with an online-based team with management hierarchy.
  • Familiar with ticket-based feedback and online repository systems.


We need an artist to make decent work for our website and addons. Work will include various icons, a banner, and an logo plate.

  • Artist should at least be to a college level skill.
  • Portfolio link should be submitted. If we dig the type of art you make, you'll be considered.
  • Themes will be mostly fan-fiction related for the WoW universe but may diverge if appropriate.
  • Various mediums may be accepted.
  • Would be great work to put in a portfolio, plus added exposure (link to your personal website will be included in the credits).
  • We dig dark stuff.


  • We need every non-english language (of which World of Warcraft is made) accounted for! If you can speak a language to at least a high school level, let us know!
  • We have a very simple interface set up where you can just go down a list and translate simple phrases.
  • Your name will be in the credits!


  1. I wish I could help, but I haven't come across a bug yet... Plus to them I would say then.

  2. Its ok they have a list of bugs for you to test out that other people have found