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Trading with Zoxy, welcome to trading with Zoxy offering you uptodae gold hints and tips

Trading with Zoxy

Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What has been selling on the Auction house - Over the Weekend

So here are my top selling items from this weekend , I haven't sold massive amounts of items as I have been busy sorting out my Site . But let have a look at what's been selling :

MFC - Well these just keep on selling , I am not selling the same numbers as i use to as i am focusing on other markets and there is now a lot of under cutters but there still a great seller .

Netherweave Bags - What can i say they just keep on selling the more i list the more i can sell , i got all my cloth for under 3g a stack and have been making great profit from them .

Zephyrite - JC dailies are having a great impact on these I buy them during non daily days and then resell on the Days its the Daily I am make about 20-30g a gem.

Gems - I have finally found some good cuts for my server , but at the same time some cuts have dropped down to 20-40g , so do you research on these.

Recipes - I have a very large stock of recipes and Philosopher's Stone is a great once to sell especially with the amount of people lvling up Alchemy to take advantage of Truegold and transmutes

This are my Sales By Value

Flame - Ascended Pantaloons  - I was very disappointed with this sale yes i still made 5k off it i was hoping for more but my market is flooded with them and prices are dropping on both this and the epic belts.

Recipes - Some great flips as well on recipes , Mithril Spurs and Guardians belt were both got for under 10g . Also another one to mention is Pattern Herbalist Gloves - There alliance only and Phased if you haven't done the Quest line.

What's sold for you over the weekend ?


The Addon I use to display the sales is called MySales


  1. Hmmm, I see some similarities but I've only just levelled my JC so I don't have any cuts yet & I dropped tailoring so my Netherweave bag sales have ceased :( I've mainly been selling the hessonite/alicite/jasper jewellry but only the rare (blue) ones. The rest get disenchanted & sold as dust or essences. I've also sold all my volatile airs & a couple of Hurricane & Heartsong weapon enchants. I like this addon, think I'm gonna have to get it working too :)

  2. I gotta agree. I think you have made me decide to utilize this addon. Thanks!

  3. What addon is this? MySales? I will start using it.

  4. I must say kudos to Blizzard for adding a "lottery scratch ticket" to the game for us Auctioneers.

    While I still going to college I worked part time in a convenience store to pay bills and have some extra spending cash. I was really shocked at how many rolls of those things the stores go through in a day.

    I suspect they will continue to be a good earner and so new "gambling" sinks will make their way into the game.

  5. My sales (see what I did there?) are mostly cut gems right now. Even on non-raid nights it can be tough to keep them in stock. This addon is absolutely fantastic, by the way. I'm going to download it right now! It'd be nice to keep track of what sells well for me.

  6. Yea its a really good addon to see what selling well . I am still trying to get access to my Beancounter info as I would love to share it with everyone .

    @Nev - I am still nervous about enchanting scrolls maybe I should take the plunge - what the costs ?

    @Gertz It shocks me every time I sell them how quick they sell if priced right

    @vince What cuts you doing ?

  7. I just love stats. *down-loads*
    Really good to keep track of what has moved for you, been doing this mentally for years, great post Zoxy.

  8. I've gone to war on my server with the fortune cards. I've got a new entry who posts 100-200 singles right at my threshold and I refuse to bark for him. The cards sit and sit at the moment and unless I am missing his stacks one is moving any with much profit atthe moment.