Hey folks, this is one of my entries for The Consortium Guide Contest that is in progress, Sterling asked me to physically post the guide here since I sent it to him in a .txt file.
Before we start something to note, this guide is done from the Alliance Scryer Point of View. But if you are Horde and Aldor, you just need a bit of common sense and you will be able to find all the same items at various vendors around Outlands. If you get stuck let me know 

Every successful honest gold maker will be able to tell you that you should never rely too heavily on a single source for your income. Don't ONLY cut JC gems, or don't ONLY farm Volatile Air. Most of the cases you should be combining different gold making techniques, almost like a formula. You can tailor it to exactly fit your available time. For example:

- Monday you have 1 hour to play: so go farm Obsidium and Pyrite Ore.
- Tuesday you have 45 minutes to play: so then use the JC/Ore shuffle technique.
- Wednesday you have all day to play, but want to do heroics and level: so craft inscription glyphs, post them up, play, check back every few hours to relist your undercut auctions
- Thursday is always quiet on your server: so spend some quality time farming Volatile Air.
- Friday ... you get the picture.

Well this Outlands Limited Supply Item guide is something you should be doing 1-2 times a week. All you do is spend 15-30 minutes on Sunday collecting all the items from the vendors and quickly list them up on the Auction House. Wednesday you then go and restock on the items that have sold, try avoid buying duplicates of items that have not sold yet else it can have a snowball effect if some don't sell well. Personally I always try to keep 2 of each item either on me or on the auction house at all times - and you will probably too once you get the hang of it. After a while you can also edit out which items aren't in high demand, have too many competitors or don't sell well - to try and make your route more efficient and profitable for the amount of gold spent. I would highly recommend using an Auction addon such as Auctioneer to get prices, ZeroAuctions/APM to quickly list and cancel auctions and Altoholic to keep track of how many of each item you have.

[Note:] I created this guide a little while ago, and decided to revive it for The Consortium Forums, however most Limited Supply items have now actually become unlimited. With that said I have found the prices to remain the same, if not increase dramatically since Cataclysm hit with the influx of all the new players.

I created a video guide for those of you who enjoy watching videos, but I also posted a text/image based version below.

After much trying, I simply could not get the video to render in a respectable quality while keeping the filesize down, so if you struggle to see what is going on in the video, as I said above, I have included a sort of "transcript" below in text/images.

(1) Lebowski <Master Engineering Trainer>
[Schematic: Cogspinner Goggles] - Buy 5g 40s - Sell 32g 37s
[Schematic: Ultra-Spectropic Detection Goggles] - Buy 8g 52s - Sell 27g 21s

(2) Sid Limbardi <Innkeeper>
[Recipe: Ravager Dog] - Buy 1g 90s - Sell 30g 78s

(3) Magus Zabraxis <Reagents>
[Recipe: Elixir of Camouflage] - Buy 2g 85s - Sell 23g 5s

(4) Alchemist Gribble <Master Alchemy Trainer>
[Recipe: Elixir of Camouflage] - Buy 2g 85s - Sell 23g 5s

(5) Rorelien <Master Herbalism Trainer>
- Nothing Worth it

(6) Johan Barnes <Master Enchanting Trainer>
- Can buy low level enchant recipes from him if you want, not worth it though

(7) Jezebel Bican <Inscription Supplies>
- You could buy the glyph but not normally worth it.

(8) Vodesiin <Reagents>
[Formula: Runed Adamantite Rod] - Buy 10 gold - Sell 61 gold 48s

Spend: 31g 52s
Sell: 197g 94s
Profit: 166g 42s
Time: 2 Minutes, 40 Seconds (Buy in Honor Hold, Fly to Temple of Telhamat, Buy in Temple of Telhamat)

(9) Timothy Daniels <The Specialist>
- Nothing

(10) Puluu
- Nothing

(11) Muheru the Weaver <Tailoring Supplies>
[Pattern: Imbued Netherweave Boots] - Buy 6g - Sell 28g 40s
[Pattern: Imbued Netherweave Pants] - Buy 6g - Sell 27g 66

(12) Maktu <Armor Merchant>

(13) Loolruna <Armorer>
[Plans: Adamantite Breastplate] - Buy 5g 10s - Sell 24g 48s
[Plans: Adamantite Plate Bracers] - Buy 5g 10s - Sell 20g 04s
[Plans: Adamantite Plate Gloves] - Buy 5g 10s - Sell 23g 04s

(14) Haalrun <Alchemy Supplies>
[Recipe: Elixir of Major Defense] - Buy 4g 50s - Sell 20g 64s
[Recipe: Elixir of Major Frost Power] - Buy 3g 60s - Sell 28g 15s
[Recipe: Super Mana Potion] - Buy 4g 50s - Sell 17g 40s

(15) Juno Dufrain <Master Fishing Trainer>
[Recipe: Blackened Sporefish] - Buy 2g - Sell 28g 17s

Spend: 41g 90s
Sell: 189g 81s
Profit: 147g 91s
Time: 3 Minutes 03 Seconds (Fly from Temple of Telhamat to Cenarion Refuge, Buy in Cenarion Refuge, Fly to Telredor, Buy in Telredor, Fly to Orebor Harborage, Buy in Orebor Harborage, Portal to Shattrath)


(16) Fabian Lanzonelli <General Goods and Bags>
[Draenic Leather Pack] - Buy 12g - Sell 20g 77s
[Enchanter's Satchel] - Buy 15g - Sell 34g 92s
[Gem Pouch] - Buy 12g - Sell 26g 94s
[Heavy Toolbox] - Buy 14g - Sell 24g 50s
[Mining Sack] - Buy 10g - Sell 29g 04s

(17) Leeli Longhaggle <Trade Goods>
[Recipe: Major Dreamless Sleep Potion] - Buy 5g - Sell 16g 33s
[Recipe: Sneaking Potion] - Buy 3g - Sell 37g 82s

(18) Innkeeper Biribi <Innkeeper>
[Recipe: Golden Fish Sticks] - Buy 3g - Sell 21g 18s
[Recipe: Spicy Crawdad] - Buy 3g - Sell 13g 25s

Spend: 77g
Sell: 136g 17s
Profit: 59g 17s
Time: 1 Minute 39 Seconds (Fly from Shattrath to Allerian Stronghold, Buy in Allerian Stronghold)



Spend: 35g 40s
Sell: 301g 54s
Profit: 266g 15s
Time: Fly from Allerian Stronghold to Wildhammer Stronghold, Buy in Wildhammer Stronghold, Fly to Sanctum of the Stars, Buy in Sanctum of the Stars, Portal to Shattrath)


(25) Madame Ruby <Enchanting Supplies>
[Formula: Enchant Shield - Major Stamina] - Buy 4g - Sell 60g 70s
[Formula: Large Prismatic Shard] - Buy 6g - Sell 110g 12s
[Formula: Runed Eternium Rod] - Buy 12g - Sell 15g 50s
[Formula: Superior Mana Oil] - Buy 5g - Sell 20g 65s
[Formula: Superior Wizard Oil] - Buy 7g - Sell 49g 05s

(26) Aaron Hollman <Blacksmithing Supplies>
[Plans: Adamantite Cleaver] - Buy 3g 40s- Sell 21g 27s
[Plans: Adamantite Dagger] - Buy 3g 40s - Sell 20g 80s
[Plans: Adamantite Maul] - Buy 3g 40s - Sell 17g 47s
[Plans: Adamantite Rapier] - Buy 3g 40s - Sell 22g 12s
[Plans: Adamantite Rod] - Buy 4g - Sell 52g 46s

(27) Viggz Shinesparked <Engineering Supplies>
[Schematic: Adamantite Rifle] - Buy 8g 52s 50c - Sell 21g 54s
[Schematic: Fused Wiring] - Buy 1g 60s - Sell 14g 04s

(28) Eiin <Speciality Tailoring Supplies> 
[Pattern: Bolt of Imbued Netherweave] - Buy 3g 60s - Sell 19g 20s
[Pattern: Imbued Netherweave Bag] - Buy 3g 60s - Sell 25g 85s
[Pattern: Netherweave Robe] - Buy 3g 60s - Sell 19g 09s
[Pattern: Netherweave Tunic] - Buy 3g 60s - Sell 17g 32s

(29) Nasmara Moonsong <Mooncloth Specialist> 
[Pattern: Primal Mooncloth] - Buy 3g 20s - Sell 36g 69s

(30) Gidge Spellweaver <Spellfire Specialist>
[Pattern: Spellcloth] - Buy 3g 20s - Sell 19g 10s

(31) Andrion Darkspinner <Shadoweave Specialist>
[Pattern: Shadowcloth] - Buy 3g 20s - Sell 27g 77s

(32) Cro Threadstrong <Leatherworking Supplies>
[Pattern: Heavy Knothide Leather] - Buy 5g - Sell 32g 88s
There have been reports that they have moved this recipe to be learned from a trainer though I cannot confirm.

(33) Wind Trader Lathrai
[Schematic: Adamantite Shell Machine] - Buy 6g - Sell 28g 44s
[Schematic: Fel Iron Toolbox] - Buy 4g - Sell 20g 3s
[Schematic: White Smoke Flare] - Buy 6g - Sell 27g 73s

(34) Skreah <Alchemy Supplies>
[Recipe: Transmute Primal Might] - Buy 7g 60s - Sell 33g 75s

Spend: 114g 32s 50c
Sell: 680g 33s
Profit: 566g 0s 50c
Time: 1 Minute 41 Seconds (Fly around and Buy in Shattrath)


(35) Uriku <Cooking Supplies>
[Recipe: Grilled Mudfish] - Buy 3g - Sell 20g 25s
[Recipe: Poached Bluefish] - Buy 3g - Sell 22g 28s
[Recipe: Roasted Clefthoof] - Buy 3g - Sell 24g 71s
[Recipe: Talbuk Steak] - Buy 3g - Sell 20g 32s

(36) Borto <Trade Supplies>
[Pattern: Bolt of Soulcloth] - Buy 3g 40s - Sell 26g 88s
[Pattern: Soulcloth Gloves] - Buy 7g 20s - Sell 56g 62s

Spend: 22g 60s
Sell: 171g 06s
Profit: 148g 46s
Time: 1 Minute 46 Seconds (Fly from Shattrath to Telaar, Buy in Telaar, Portal to Shattrath)



Spend: 0g
Sell: 0g
Profit: 0g
Time: 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


(37) Dealer Rashaad <Exotic Creatures>
[Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling] - Buy 9g 50s - Sell 42g 49s
[Brown Rabbit Crate] - Buy 9g 50s - Sell 35g 53s
[Cat Carrier (Siamese)] - Buy 0g 57s - Sell 16g 85s
[Cockroach] - Buy 0g 45s - Sell 6g 46s
[Crimson Snake] - Buy 0g 45s - Sell 12g 82s
[Mana Wyrmling] - Buy 38g - Sell 89g 81s
[Parrot Cage (Senegal)] - Buy 0g 36s - Sell 6g 25s
[Red Moth Egg] - Buy 9g 50s - Sell 39g 07s

(38) Dealer Sadaqat <Potent Potables>
- Various herbs and potions

Spend: 58g 33s
Sell: 249g 28s
Profit: 190g 95s
(values excluding items from Dealer Sadaqat <Potent Potables>)
Time: 4 Minutes 24 Seconds (Fly from Shattrath to Stormspire, Buy in Stormspire, Portal to Ironforge Auction)

Total Spent: 381g 07s 50c
Total Sold: 2226g 13s
Total Profit: 1545g 06s 0c
Total Time: 16 Minutes 44 Seconds
That ends up being about 93g 98s 18c per minute, leading to a conversion of 5638g 90s 51c per hour
The route is quick for me as a level 70 Mage using
Portals to Shattrath City and Flying DIRECTLY to locations
(I don't use flight points as shown in the video, that was for simplicity's sake)
I also have an epic flying mount.




2) Go to Lebowski <Master Engineering Trainer> outside the big fort and buy his items listed above.

2) Go to Sid Limbardi <Innkeeper> inside the Inn - buy his items listed above.

3) Go to Magus Zabraxis <Reagents> at the entrance of the "mage-tower" - buy his items listed above.
4) Next to Zabraxis is ) Alchemist Gribble <Master Alchemy Trainer> - buy his items listed above.
5) Next to Gribble is Rorelien <Master Herbalism Trainer> - she doesn't sell anything.

6) Upstairs is Johan Barnes <Master Enchanting Trainer> - he only sells low level recipes, not really worth it.

7) Around the corner from Johan is Jezebel Bican <Inscription Supplies> - only sells a small Glyph, sometimes worth it
* Fly to Temple of Talhamat in Hellfire Peninsula *

8) Go to Vodesiin <Reagents> and but his items listed above.
10) Fly to Orebore Harborage in Zangarmarsh.

9) Next to where you land is Timothy Daniels <The Specialist> - he doesn't sell anything good.
10) Inside the hut to the left is Puluu - he doesn't sell anything good either.

11) To the right of Puluu's little hut is Muheru the Weaver <Tailoring Supplies> - buy his items listed above.
12) Opposite Muheru is Maktu <Armor Merchant> - he doesn't sell anything good.
* Fly to Telredor in Zangarmarsh. *

13) Opposite the entrance to the Inn and slightly to the right is Loolruna <Armorer> - buy their items listed above.

14) Opposite the entrance to the Inn, to the left and up the stairs is Haalrun <Alchemy Supplies> - buy their items listed above.
* Fly to Cenarian Refuge. *

15) Find Juno Dufrain <Master Fishing Trainer> on the edge of the lake and buy his items listed above.
* Fly to Allerian Stronghold in Terokkar Forest. *

16) Go to Fabian Lanzonelli <General Goods and Bags> - near the center of the little town underneath the stands and buy his items listed above.
17) Next to Fabian is Leeli Longhaggle <Trade Goods> - buy her items listed above.

18) In the building opposite Fabian and Leeli is Innkeeper Biribi <Innkeeper> - buy her items listed above
* Fly to Wildhammer Stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley. *

19) In front of where you land you will see a mini forge with npcs standing around it. Ordinn Thunderfist <Hammersmith> - is the closest, doesn't sell anything good.
20) On the other side of the Forge is Mari Stonehand <Armorsmith> - buy her items listed above.
21) On the other side of the Forge again (Ordinn's side but further away) is Daggle Ironshaper <Guns and Ammunition> - buy his items listed above.
22 & 23) There are two other NPCs nearby: Salle Sunforge <General Goods> and Oran Blusterbrew <Trade Goods> - you can give them a skip.
* Fly to Sanctum of the Stars. *

24) To the right of where you land is a building, inside there is Arrond <Tailoring Supplies> - buy his items listed above.
* Make your way to Shattrath City (Fly, or hearth to Dala and take portal to Shattrath, etc). *

25) In the Lowercity below the Scryer's Tier is where our journey takes us next. Madame Ruby <Enchanting Supplies> - found inside the stone half structure/tent, buy her items listed above.
26) To the left of the Stone structure and closer to the city wall is Aaron Hollman <Blacksmithing Supplies> - buy his items listed above.
27) Under the next tent to the left is Viggz Shinesparked <Engineering Supplies> - buy his items listed above.

28, 29, 30, 31 & 32) Left again is a whole string of vendors places ever so conveniently just for you: Eiin <Speciality Tailoring Supplies> ,Nasmara Moonsong <Mooncloth Specialist> Gidge Spellweaver <Spellfire Specialist>Andrion Darkspinner <Shadoweave Specialist> andCro Threadstrong <Leatherworking Supplies> - buy all their items that I listed above.

33) Opposite the Alliance BG masters you will find Wind Trader Lathrai - buy all his items that I listed above.

34) Go to the part of Lower City found to the right of the Aldor Rise, in the trees is Skreah <Alchemy Supplies> - buy all his items that I listed above.
* Fly to Telaar in Nagrand. *

35) Go off the tower of where the flight master is, and slightly to the right you will find Uriku <Cooking Supplies> - buy all her items that I listed above.

36) Left of the bridge that leads left out of Telaar is Borto <Trade Supplies> - buy all his items that I listed above.
* Fly to Stormspire in Netherstorm (SKIP BLADGE'S EDGE). *


37) Near the entrance to the Stormspire (by that great big lift) is Dealer Rashaad <Exotic Creatures> - buy all his items that I listed above.
38) 1 NPC away to the right from Dealer Rashaad is Dealer Sadaqat <Potent Potables> - feel free to buy any of his nice little limited supply potent potables