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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Farmers,Bots and their impact

With Any MMO there are the Blackmarket services goldseller, powerlevling and account sellers. Depending on the MMO model  its easier to deal with them others . Lets look at some examples:

The Free 2 Play model - Some of these actually sell in game currency or items

Traditional MMO - 

Blizzard are active against Goldsellers and Bots but what happened when Warden ( blizzards Defence ) gets updated and The bots don't work ?

There has recently been talk of A Banwave on the Bots that are currently out there but I have yet to hear or see massive evidence of this , but one theory is this has shaken the confidence of the gold sellers and Botters .

Has there been a impact ?
Many people on different server are reporting obsidium ore and Elementium ore Under vendor value ( working off the Assumption that you will get 5 gems at 9g each  so vendor values = 45g).I know on my Server I Brought well over 500 stacks of ore around this price as its a safe investment .

But Why have these been dumped on the Market ? 
For a gold seller or farmer they are on the clock , they are not bothered with the best profit just bothered with getting there gold and the quickest way is to sell it on the AH.

I also suspect with the Recent update to warden and the Paypal issue gold sellers are wanting to maximise the profits ASAP .

Could this just be the market settling ? 
The current drop in ore prices could just be the market settling down , as people have now levelled up there profession and there isn't the same demand for ore as there once was .

Gold sellers and Bots are there and with the recent changes and court cases has there been some loss of confidence and in my opinion stock has been dumped onto the AH to make sure they have gold and not ore hanging about in there bags .

Will the prices stay low ? 
Well this is server dependent , is there a need for ore ? Is there alot of bots on your server ?

I cant answer this one but in my view until blizzard makes more gear available for lvl 85's then the Ore will become less needed and value will drop to about the 50g a stack mark.

What the price on your server ?
Are the Bots having a impact ?
Do you have a good use for your ore ?



  1. On the weekends I've seen Obsidium Ore go as low as 40g per stack, and I mean loads! 200 stacks of 20 with the exact same price. First time I saw this I bought it all up, since ~53g is the price you get when vendoring cut gems. ( math supporting 53g; ) ..but the second time I saw it, I knew how much time it would take to prospect it all and cut/craft AND DE..that I just didn't want to buy even if I could have made 2k gold or more. :)

  2. My server must be low on bots because the price of ore has been at a steady 100g/stack for a while now. It's the leather and herbs that prices are fluctuating on constantly. With the elementium ore there's countless things you can do with it from selling bars to buckles to shuffling gems and so forth. Just look at wowhead and see what you can do with ore/bars. It's unending. I'm actually going to be posting a 3 part entry on my blog this week going over bots and what I think the real problem is which is the amount of mats needed to make anything in cata.

  3. you get 6 uncommon gems per stack of obsidium ore

  4. "you get 6 uncommon gems per stack of obsidium ore"

    More accurately 5.70 to 5.75 gems per stack, according to wowheads statistics. :) When mass prospecting, those decimals count :)

  5. Prices on my server are still 70-100 gold for obsidium ore and 75-130 for ele ore and 240-280 for pytrite,

  6. The ore on my server recently went from 60 to 100 a stack...not sure where all the farmers have gone, but my shuffle misses them. On the other hand herbs are holding pretty stead at 65 a stack, so I'm not sure why no one's farming ore lately.

  7. I know its taboo, but bots help the wow economy. They keep prices low which serves to combat the natural inflation we get with expacs. I don't bot myself, but I do actively seek out farmers (bot or not) to buy cheap raw materials. I prospect, transmute, cut metas, and profit a ton. I have profitted just from metas, probably around 30k in about 2 weeks.

  8. Found a huge supply of Elementium ore today at 55g/stack. I bought 30 stacks and had to log another toon to move some gold around. By the time I logged back on the other 30 or so stacks were gone.

    Bots or no bots I can't pass an opportunity to make a few thousand gold. Yeah, it is time consuming but it is the most profitable way I have to spend my time. Can't find any other effort that returns 1k gold per hour or more.

  9. I have a 15min route in outland where I gather vendor stuff, I spend around 200g, and sell it @ ah for around 2200g, thats 2k gold per 15min, or 8k gold per hour if you like, so I can think of better ways to spend my time. ;)

  10. on my server TN, ore was down to 42 a stack for obs 50g for ele and 80g for pyrite, i read about the warden update so i bought up over 150 stacks. Price is now holding steady at about 80-100g but there is very limited supply.