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Trading with Zoxy, welcome to trading with Zoxy offering you uptodae gold hints and tips

Trading with Zoxy

Welcome to Trading with Zoxy offering you up to date Gold Hints and Tips Watch as out soon as I am Going Self hosted and have a new exciting Website in the making

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Vendors Of Eastern Kingdoms Part 1

So here is the first part of Eastern kingdoms 

I am sure there are vendors that I have missed but I hope this helps ,part 2 will follow Shortly

Booty Bay 
Narkk - 
Parrot Cage (sengal)
Parrate Cage (Cockatiel)
PAttern: Black Swishbucklers Shirt

Kelsey Yance 
Recipie : Smoked Sagefish
REcipie :Sagefish Delight
Recipie: Gian Clam Scorcho
Recipie :Rocksacle cod
Recipie :mithral Head Trout
Recipie :Mightfish Steak
REcipe:cooked Glossy Mightfish
Recipi Filet of Redgill
Recipie : hot Smoked Bass

Kizz Bluntstrike 
2 Green ITems

Mazk Snipeshot
Schematic :Accurate Scope

Zarena Cromwind
1 green item
Palns Moonsteel Broadsword

Crazk Sparks 
Schematic :Green Fireworks
Also Red fireworks rocket

Fargon Mortalak
1 green Item

Xiak GoodStich
Pattern Enchanters Cowl
Pattern Crimson Silk Cloak

Blixrez Goodstich 
Pattern : Murloc Scale Bracers
Pattern: Thick Murloc Armor

Qizdi Goodstich 
Has a few nice Rp items and
Noble's Elementium Signet for 2160g

Glyx Brewright
REcipie Frost Protection potion
Recipie Nature Protection potion

Cowarly Cosby - Admirals Hat

Rebel Camp  
- Corporal Bluth 
Recipe: jungle Stew
Recipie :Roast Raptor

Darkshire - 
Morg Gnarltree 2 Green items

kzixx - 
Different green and
Recipe :Holy Protection potion
Schemtic :Goblin Jumper Cables

Amy Davenport - 
Pattern :black Whelp tunic
Pattern Red wollen bag

Vernon Hale 
Strong Fishing Pole

Gloria Femmel 
Recipe : sagefish Delight
Recipie Smoked Sagefish

Kara Adams 
3 Green item

Clyde Ranthal 
Pattern :Black Whelp Cloak

Stuart Fleming 
Recipe :rainbow Fin Albacore
Recipe:Rockscale Cod
Recipe :Mithril Head Trout

Jennabink Powerseam 
5 green items
Pattern :red wollen bag

Brak Durnad 
2 green Items

Naela Trance
1 Green

Neal Allen 
Design :pendant of the Agate Shield

Arathi Highlands 
Hammon Karwn 
Pattern :Barbaric Leggings
Design : Desiign Ruby Crown of Restoration
Recipe :roast Raptor

Narji Deepslice
Recipe :barbcued Buzzard wing

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  1. just so you know Barbcued buzzard wing is now trained at cooking trainers, so i woulnd't buy this recipe